I had a very interesting dream just before the changing of the new year from five, seven, seven, eight to five, seven, seven, nine. I was actually in Norway at the time, but I believe that this dream actually has great relevance to the people and the body of Christ.

In the dream, I had a vision in the dream. I know that that sounds kind of crazy, but I saw what was coming in the dream. And in the dream, I saw that these two guys were coming, and they had a very particular assignment to break leaders that are Apostolic prophetic leaders, reformation leaders.

In my dream, that was represented by my husband, but I really believe that this is a word that goes out to those that are trying to bring God’s reformation in the earth today. And in the dream, they came, they ripped the shirt off of his back, they spread poison along his back and then they took this metal rod. This guy took this metal rod, and begin to beat my husband’s back.

Now, when you think symbolically, the back is where a man carries his burden. A back is where a man carries his strength, and I believe that God is showing us that the enemy wants to come and he wants to attack our strength. He wants to attack where we’ve been carrying our vision, where we’ve been carrying our burden. And the enemy comes in, and he wants to spread poison. He wants to stir up discord. He wants to stir things up, and he wants to beat our back. He wants to beat us until we break. That’s what happened in the dream.

Now remember, I was seeing what the enemy wanted to do. So in the dream, we alerted the authorities and the authorities came. And when the attack came, rather than them being able to carry it out, the authorities actually captured the attackers and they took them outside, they stripped the shirt off of their backs and they took the metal rod out of their hand, and they put it in our hand instead and said, “Go ahead and beat the back of your enemy.” I’m sorry if that’s a little violent for some of you, but that was my dream.

Now, the interesting thing about this dream was that, I knew the name of the man that was coming to attack and in the dream, his name was Rabshakeh. So, when I woke up from my dream, I was writing my dream down and I thought, “What in the world does Rabshakeh mean?” That sounded like a reggae band to me. I had no idea what that meant.

But as I looked it up in the Scripture, I actually found the story in first Chronicles chapter 37 and 38, Second Chronicles 37 and 38, and it’s really the story of Sennacherib who was the king of Assyria who had come through Israel, he had Israel and Judah had divided and Israel had gone apostate. And he comes through and he destroyed all the cities of Judah. And now he was laying siege to Jerusalem under the reign of the righteous reforming King, Hezekiah.

Now let me tell you, Hezekiah was turning people back to God, renewing their heart for worship, renewing their love of the law of God. He was overthrowing the temples of Baal and Ashtoreth. He was a righteous, godly man, and yet, his city got besieged.

Let me tell you something, some of you are wondering, why in the world? What have I done wrong to find myself in a place of besiegement? The answer could be, you’ve done nothing wrong. The answer could be, you’re reformer moving forward. Now, you’ll have to let the Holy Spirit speak to you to make sure that there’s not anything that God’s after in your heart. But let me just say, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong when you find yourself besieged.

So, Sennacherib, who was this cruel evil … I mean, he was historically, one of the most violent kings that we’ve ever seen in history. As a matter of fact, it was about him that Isaiah wrote the words when he said, “No weapon formed against you will prosper,” because Sennacherib was always devising these super cool ways to torture people. It sounds like the devil, doesn’t it?

I mean, it sounds like a personification of the devil. So, who was Rabshakeh? Well, when he laid siege to the city, he sent his chief prince. That’s what Rabshakeh means, chief prince. See? I think it’s a principality that’s assigned against reformation. It’s a spirit of resistance. And he sent him out to basically, give terms of surrender.

And so, Rabshakeh comes, and he stands on the wall of Jerusalem and he begins to announce to everybody, “Don’t you think that God is going to save you? Don’t be foolish. Don’t be a fool to think that God’s going to help you. Don’t be a fool to think that your king is going to lead you in the right way.” And he began to fill the atmosphere with all kinds of doubt, and he tried to get in the people’s heads.

You see, I think this is the strategy of the enemy right now, is that, he’s trying to get in our heads. He’s trying to say, “Hey, all that’s well and good, but don’t think you’re God’s going to save you. Don’t think he’s going to save your family. Don’t think he’s going to help you with your fight. Don’t think God’s going to fight for you.” That’s what Rabshakeh was saying, and he tried to stir up doubt towards God. He tried to stir up doubt towards the leaders, he tried to stir up doubt about the reformation. He actually tried to even stir up doubt about themselves. And so, that’s what the enemy is doing.

Right now he’s filling the atmosphere trying to get in our heads. Let me just say, I think that some of what’s going on in the media today is empowered by Rabshakeh spirit. Rabshakeh is filling the atmosphere with lies, and half truths and he’s coming in to try to turn our hearts saying, “Don’t think God will save you. Don’t think God’s fighting for you. Don’t think you’re right in this thing.” And yet we’ve got to understand, we’ve got to get in the Word of God. We’ve got to get in prayer and know that God will fight for us.

We’ve got to know that God will fight for us. I’m telling you about a month after this happened, I got sick, I had some problems that I just couldn’t seem to quite physically overcome. And I want you to know that, this voice kept going on in my head. You don’t have any power. You don’t have any authority. You don’t have any of this, and I knew it was Rabshakeh. But let me just tell you something, I couldn’t make it stop. Even though I could identify it as the voice of the enemy, I somehow couldn’t make it so stop.

And so, you know what I did? I went to my husband, I went to our elders and I had people pray for me. This is a time that we cannot stand alone. We’ve got to have people standing with us and praying for us.

Remember the scripture that I gave you what it said, “No weapon formed against you will prosper.” It goes on to say, “And every tongue that rises up against you in judgment, you will condemn.” So, this is a time that we’ve got to condemn that voice that comes into our head that tries to talk us out of our victory, talk us out of our destiny and tries to get us to quit.

Let me just say this to you, do not quit. Do not back up. God has called us to press the battle to the full and God will fight for us. You know what happened in the story? Hezekiah came, he spread the accusations of Rabshakeh before the altar of the Lord, and he cried out to God and he said, “God I need a word.”

Let me tell you, this is the time that we need a word. We need a word from God. And when he cried out to God, Isaiah came and said, “Hey, God’s given me a word for you. Don’t be afraid, not one arrow of the enemy is going to come into the city. As a matter of fact, I’m going to deal with Rabshakeh. He’s going to go back to his own country, somebody’s going to kill him there. I’m going to Sennacherib back the way that he came, and don’t worry, I’m going to deal with him.”

And the very next thing it says in the Scripture is that, that night, God caused one angel to come down. One angel against the hundreds of thousands of Assyrians. One angel came down and killed 185,000 Assyrians just like that. We think our problem is huge. Let me tell you, it only took one Angel. God didn’t have to send an army of angels. He just sent one Angel down to deal with the problem.

I’m telling you, you serve a big God, you serve a mighty God and when you cry out to Him, and when you close your ears to the voice of the enemy that’s trying to prophesy defeat to you. I’m telling you, the voice of God never sounds like a prophecy of defeat. It always sounds like a prophecy of victory.

So, I encourage you that, if the enemy has been bombarding you with thoughts, get somebody to pray with you. Hear the word of the Lord in this season of time. I want to remind you about the end of the dream when it says that … when we beat the back of the enemy. It actually says in Isaiah chapter 30 verse 31, it says, “The voice of the Lord will shatter the Assyrian.” That’s what it’s talking about.

“The voice of the Lord will shatter your enemy. With his sceptre, he will strike them down. Every stroke the Lord lays on the back of your enemy with his punishing rod…” See the dream. “… will be to the music of tambourines and harps as he fights them in battle with the blows of his arm.”

This is the time to release the voice of God. This is a time to stand and to prophesy. This is a time to believe the word of the Lord and not be shaken. Do not quit, do not back up. Press the battle to the full, and you’ll see heaven fight for you. That’s the word of the Lord. God is destroying the spirit of Rabshakeh in your life, in the church and I believe in this nation.

Remember, ours is the victory. God bless you.