One of the exciting things that the Lord has said to me about this year is that it’s a year where we’re going to go from survival to revival. Now, in order to do that, we’re going to have to learn how to enter in to prayer on a whole new level and a whole new place of power than what we’ve ever experienced really before. And as I began to study the scripture, of course, this is the year 2019 or 5779 both which end with nine, I began to study the scripture, I found something very interesting that the scripture refers to as the ninth hour of prayer, the ninth hour prayer, it refers to it that way in the New Testament. In the Old Testament, it refers to it as the time of the evening sacrifice. But in both of these cases, this is actually a time when heaven and earth begin to come together when heaven literally responds to the prayers that are being prayed from the earth realm.

Let me give you a couple of examples, in the Old Testament, in First Kings chapter 18 and 19, Elijah was on Mount Carmel, we know the whole story about choose you this day, whom you’re going to serve and the prophets of Baal had their false offering and they were cutting themselves and giving their false prophecies all trying to get it to rain. Remember there was drought in the land and Elijah just basically said, “I’m going to show you who’s God.” And it says at the time of the evening sacrifice, which we come to know is actually the ninth hour of the day or three o’clock in the afternoon, we actually find that it says, at the time of the evening sacrifice, Elijah said, “Stop all this nonsense.” He began to prepare his offering, he told them to actually go and get pitches full of water in the time of drought and pour water all over the sacrifice, and then he called on God from Heaven, and heaven answered by fire in the ninth hour.

Wow. And we’re in the ninth hour. God is going to answer by fire and show who really is God. I’m telling you, I hope that that excites you as much as it excites me because I believe that things that we’ve been praying for, things that we’d been praying to see overturned, things that we’d been praying to see God move in, things that we’ve been asking God, God shut the mouth of those people that are lying, prognosticators, wherever they’re coming from, from the church, from the world, whatever it is, wherever they’re coming from, let me just say, God wants to shut their mouth by showing who the true God is and God will answer by fire from heaven in miraculous ways this year.

Also in the Old Testament, we actually see that Ezra was crying out to God, praying, crying for revival in the land because the Jewish people have lost their identity, they’d lost their purpose, and it says at the time of the evening sacrifice, the spirit of revival broke out. You can read it in Ezra Chapter Nine and Ezra chapter 10, “And a spirit of holiness fell on the people in the ninth hour.” I want you to have an expectation that God’s going to stir, but revival is going to actually bring a greater fear of the Lord. It’s going to bring a greater level of desiring to be pure and holy before God and to be the separate people that God has called us to be. I believe that we see that in the book of Ezra.

We also see very interestingly in Daniel chapter nine, we see Daniel crying out because he’s had a vision that he did not understand, and as he’s crying out and as he’s seeking the Lord, it says at the time of the evening sacrifice or again the ninth hour, God sent Gabriel from heaven. Remember, this is the time when heaven answers earth. God sent Gabriel from heaven to begin to explain the mystery of the dreams and the visions that Daniel had had.

Now, let me tell you, I’ve never had an angel come and interpret a dream for me, but I’m telling you, we’re living in a day when anything is possible. As a matter of fact, it’s really interesting that angelic interaction is a part of this ninth hour. We see it in the New Testament when Cornelius, the gentile, a Roman Centurion is crying out to God saying, “God, what must I do to be saved?” And it actually says, in the ninth hour an angel visited him and told him, “Cornelius, go send for Peter. Peter will tell you what to do to be saved.” And so that was the entrance story to the first gentile and his household coming to know Jesus. And it brought tremendous revival, entire nations ended up big being open to the Gospel because God answered from heaven, came down and begin to interact with man and give them a plan and a strategy.

Some of you need a plan and a strategy, I’m telling you, don’t be surprised if God even sends an angel to give you a plan and to give you a strategy. The ninth hour is a miracle time. We see in acts chapter three, Peter and John walking by the gate Beautiful, and they’re going to the time of prayer, to the time of the evening sacrifice, again remember the ninth hour, and they came in and as they were walking in, they saw the lame man who was begging alms. And we know the story, they said, “We don’t have any silver and gold, but what we do have we give you in the name of Jesus, rise and walk.” And in the ninth hour, that man that was lame at the city gate for decades suddenly leapt to his feet and went walking and leaping and praising God.

I’m telling you, this is the time for suddenlies, this is the time for miracles, this is the time for people to start walking and leaping and praising God, coming out of death, coming out of survival, coming into revival.

Now let me tell you one last story about the ninth hour. The most famous, the most important ninth hour that we find in scripture is when Jesus hung on the cross and after hanging there for hours, it says in the ninth hour, Jesus cried out and said, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And then He said, “It is finished.” He didn’t say, “I am finished.” He said, “It is finished.” He finished the work God gave him to do and at that moment the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom and a whole new era came to earth.

When Jesus died, he paid the price for our sin so that we could come out of a place of just surviving in earth and really come to a place where we could be revived, where we can experience new life, where we could experience the miracles that He’s promised us. I’m telling you, we are in the ninth hour. God is going to answer from heaven the prayers that are being prayed from earth, but let me just say, you got to pray the prayers from earth to have the heaven answer. This is a time to press in, in prayer as never before and watch and just see what God will do. You’re going to have a suddenly, you’re going to have a miracle, you’re going to have a change that’s going to change your life from this point forward.

We’re so excited to see what God’s going to do. I hope that your faith and your expectation are ready to see what God’s going to do for you in the ninth hour. God bless you.