Hi, I’m Jane Hamon. You know we’re in the year of 5779 on the Jewish calendar and in the year 2019 on the Roman calendar. Of course, we all use the Roman calendar here in America and in Western civilization but both of these years actually end with the number nine. It’s very interesting when you study Hebraic culture that they actually have a deep meaning whenever you look at specific numbers. And so whenever we look at the ending number of a year, I think it’s very interesting to understand exactly Hebraically how this number is approached in scripture.

So the number nine has several different meanings that I want to kind of broaden and expand on in this short little time together. First of all, the number nine is the number of the Holy Spirit. I mean when you read the scripture you find that there’s nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, there’s nine fruit of the Holy Spirit, there’s nine Beatitudes, it’s really a place where you and Holy Spirit come into a place of intimacy and into a time of purpose.

This is a year for you to get to know the Holy Spirit in a brand new way. And if you’re not filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I would encourage you to find brothers and sisters that can pray with you to receive this powerful, powerful impartation. You know we were in prayer this morning and one of the things that the Lord spoke to me was that, in the Book of Genesis when the children of the earth really were rebelling against God they began to build a tower called the Tower of Babel.

And in the midst of that rebellion, God actually came down and scattered the languages of the people. So they went out and they went different directions because there was a scattering but you know on the day of Pentecost, God from heaven released the power of the Holy Spirit and he gave his church a common language, the language of the Holy Spirit. And whereas before there was scattering and rebellion, God brought the language of the Holy Spirit to begin to bring a supernatural unity to his church and a supernatural dimension of his power. Jesus said, “You’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”

And I believe that there’s a whole new level of the Dunamis power of God that God wants us to experience. And one of that is in praying in tongues with other believers, because there’s unity in that. And of course the Psalms tells us that wherever there’s unity God commands blessing.

So if you’re looking for blessing, find some people that you can enter in and pray in tongues with because I believe that this is a powerful dimension of the Holy Spirit from scattering to gathering, and from this unity to a place of amazing powerful unity that God wants to bring. You know the number nine also really denotes the ending of a cycle. I have seven grandkids and whenever they come to the agent stage that they learn how to count, I always think it’s super cute how they say the number nine, because they count one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.

And that number nine is so pregnant with anticipation, and so pregnant with expectation, they have this nine, 10. It means it’s a new cycle, there’s a brand new cycle, a brand new beginning that God is bringing us into. It’s a season of transition but it’s also a season of birthing.

Interestingly in the Hebraic language, the ninth letter of the Hebraic alphabet that represents nine is the word ‘Tet’. And when you actually write the word Tet, it’s the picture of a pregnant woman. And that’s how Hebraically they relate to this year this number nine. And so I think that what God is saying to us this year is as we have intimacy with the Holy Spirit there is a conceiving that we will have a conceiving of fresh vision, a conceiving of joy, a conceiving of health, a conceiving of understanding and hearing the voice of God on a whole new level that God is bringing us into.

And as that happens we’re going to become pregnant or expectant with the things of God. Now, I’ve been pregnant a few times and let me just say to you that pregnancy is not always comfortable and some of you may be going through an uncomfortable season but that’s because you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant with things from God, you’re pregnant with vision, you’re pregnant with joy, you’re pregnant with harvest, you’re pregnant with reformation. Let me tell you God is moving in the earth today and we need to be pregnant with the purposes of God, we need to know how to pray in that point of pregnancy so that we can actually birth the things that God wants us to birth.

If you’re starting to feel a little tired, if you’re starting to feel like things are a little heavy it’s probably because it’s just about your time. And so let me just say, this is a year of expectation, this is a year of anticipation, this is a year of a brand new cycle, and a year that God’s going to use you to birth some miraculous things for the Kingdom of God this year. Let your faith begin to soar this year because as you birth the earth is going to be changed, your world is going to be changed and the Kingdom of God is going to be advance.

God bless you we look forward to hearing from you to see how God is using you in this new season.