By Dr. Melodye Hilton

“I must make a conscious choice to determine my course of action and not stop until it is accomplished no matter my fears, my limitations, or the obstacles I face. Thus the process itself matures me”  Dr. Melodye Hilton

Doors open when I am faithful to be who God has called me to be, living from the place of personal passion and purpose.  Have you ever tried opening a door of opportunity that is invisibly dead bolted? It seems to be opening for others, but not for you!  I want to impact my community, but my community doesn’t want it.  Lies begin to form that something is wrong with me; I’ll never succeed, I’m not as good, talented, or anointed as another.  What a horrible place to be emotionally and spiritually! 

When I know my passion and am faithful to release it through the abilities given me, when I walk in my purpose no matter how ordinary it seems, when I refuse to compromise, remaining faithful, and when trusting God is evident in the midst of disappointment, hurt or betrayal—then at the fullness of time, divine connections will be made releasing opportunities.  If we make the most of the opportunity to serve selflessly and to be an instrument of justice—power and influence used for the good of others—we will see greater platforms of influence.  Although the influence and impact in the beginning may be small in our eyes, we will see increase as we continue to honor God through our faithful expression of our purpose-filled calling.

Take a good look, friends, at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of “the brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high-society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses, chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretensions of the “somebodies”? That makes it quite clear that none of you can get by with blowing your own horn before God. Everything that we have – right thinking and right living, a clean slate and a fresh start – comes from God by way of Jesus Christ” (I Cor. 1: 26-31, Message).

With all our efforts to touch the community, true impact has begun through the young people of our training center—a manifestation of my passion and purpose!  All the aspects of leadership, justice, service, and work ethic are taught to our students, and they have the honor and privilege to model that before many.  It is the students of our school who, for years, have empowered the success of the local YMCA’s mentorship program for troubled young people.  Going beyond our little community of 1,500 people, they have received awards and commendations from the county for their service.  We’ve served large corporations in the state’s capitol during events that impacted the entire region. We’ve led, participated, and served in many community projects for the police department, city councils, revitalization committees, local businesses, even individuals in need.  ITC has request forms that anyone in the community can submit. These are all simple, practical, and natural manifestations of love, mercy, and justice.

“The supernatural created the natural; therefore, as we value and apply natural principles, it will position us for a release of the supernatural.”   Dr. Melodye Hilton

When our students first served the city council in a small community near our school, people came out to watch them work.  They thought they were juvenile delinquents doing a community service work detail only to find out they were kids from a little Christian training center down the road.  It so stirred the people that they came out to work with the students.  Through all these little natural and practical acts of service, we have been endeared to many, giving us the opportunity to be “salt” and “light.”

Personally, my heart to equip young leaders of justice led me on a journey of personal leadership development as well as creating courses and materials to equip others.  I simply was being faithful to my passion and purpose. One day a leader in our church had one of my leadership training manuals in her office at work.  The president of this large and influential corporation saw it and loved it, which led to my first big corporate America consulting job, though I had already begun to invest into small business and business-minded leaders. 

Another defining moment took place a few years later when I was given the honor to train high level military officers.  These were powerful and influential men and women not only from the United States but other nations. I was sitting in a small balcony around the room in which they were trained in the strategies of war.  As I was waiting for these amazing leaders to arrive, I was nervously—more in fear than in faith—praying and wondering how in the world I ended up in that place; who am I to teach these highly intelligent and competent leaders?  The Lord broke through my anxiety and said, “Melodye, I have more power than all of them put together.”  Well, of course, I knew that…in my head.  “Melodye, I have more influence than all of them put together.”  Well, of course, I knew that too.  Then my loving Father said, “Just do it for Me!”  Instantly, all anxiety was washed away by the reality of why I was given this platform of influence.  It was a revelatory moment that brought simple truth from head knowledge to a heart reality. Just do it for Jesus for His Kingdom!  I could do that!  I could do it with full assurance knowing that my Father would be pleased!  I knew if I gave my all, fulfilled and released my purpose and passion, I would be able to impact their lives for good. 

My passion for justice—power used for good—and my unique methodology of leadership has impacted community, business, governmental, and educational leaders worldwide.  What stirs my heart even more is the honor that God has given me to communicate the heart of my God through word, deed, and spirit!  These are platforms and opportunities that traditional ministry would not have given.

The skills that God has given you, the passion within, and the motivation to release it is not the responsibility of another—it is your responsibility.  God will use others to give you the power of opportunity, but only you can make the most of that opportunity!  There is no time to make excuses why you cannot be successful in impacting lives or communities.  Every life you impact, impacts the family and community in which they live.  Every mountain of society is not about high level institutions and structures, but it is about individuals that function within those mountains of influence.  The mountain of the Lord’s house will be exalted above every mountain of society – one person at a time!

Shame—a false identity that screams lies to us about our value—often tries to drive us to accomplish the world’s or man’s view of success.  It must be big money, power, prestige, high positions, international visibility, etc.  It tells us, “If I do big things in man’s eyes, I must be good, valuable, and important!” The fact is, greatness simply is obedience to our Lord, Master, and King.  We are building His Kingdom of which we are stewards and partakers.

If our eyes are on the grandiose, the opportunities that make others applaud our accomplishments, then we are missing the simplicity of our commissioning to go into all the world. As we sit upon the “destiny stone,” it is no longer about us, but about the Kingdom, the people, and the redemption of the very land.  We must see greatness in every act of obedience to the Lord.  We must see value in and celebrate the unique passion and purpose given to us by our God, whether it appears small and unseen or is visible to the masses

In 1982 my husband and I were commissioned by the Lord to move from Kansas City, Missouri to a little town in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania.  I felt angry and frustrated.  I had a city mindset and didn’t want to live in rural America.  I loved diversity of cultures, and we were placed in a white German community that didn’t want “outsiders,” of which we were one.  I had every reason to make excuses why we could not succeed.  I could blame the area, the people, the mindsets, the limitations, the continual rejection from the people we were sent to serve—and I did!  However, through the years, I made a decision to trust my Lord, celebrate the land in which we were called, and just be faithful.  I made a decision to simply be obedient and pleasing to the Lord.  I repented for speaking stout words against God through the hidden complaints of my heart.  I repented for the lie that it was vain to serve God, and that it could not bring profit to me.  I made a decision to celebrate and honor God’s plan, to allow Him to heal me of my life’s shame, and just be faithful.

“Vision stirs value, and when you value something or someone you will protect it, invest into, sacrifice for, and treat as valuable.” Dr. Melodye Hilton

My mindset changed from, “We are in the middle of nowhere!” to “We are in the middle of somewhere.”  It is not the size of the town, but the size of the vision, and you can reach the world from anywhere.  I began to value our commission, motivating me to value the precious people and the little town surrounding us—the place of our destiny fulfillment. Now, years later, we are reaching the world from this little community!

“The problem is not ability, but the attitude and subsequent emotions concerning our responsibility (response to ability).” Dr. Melodye Hilton

We can no longer try to be what we are not or live in comparison with those we view as successful, but be faithful to who we are.  Biblical attitudes and truth-based emotional perceptions are the links to the successful response to the abilities given us. From a sincere heart, we must be faithful in the little…period!  The little given through a pure heart will multiply according to God’s divine purpose, knowing that He is looking for faithful stewards to whom He can entrust authority.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Melodye’s message included in Roads of Reformation: Proven Models and Methods.  Dr. Melodye’s full message is available in this book.

Dr. Melodye Hilton is an author in Roads of Reformation: Proven Models and Methods.  Dr. Melodye works with individuals and workgroups around the globe as a Leadership Consultant and Behavioral Analyst. Through years of leadership experience and human resource consulting, she has developed a unique and personal approach to creating a sustainable and positive impact within her spheres of influence.

Her recognition extends over all generational, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds through her work in corporate and local business, government, and public and private educational sectors. She has served as Vice-President of a not-for-profit corporation for over 30 years, founded the International Training Center for the development of young leaders, and has a passion to see individuals and teams discover purpose through developing their full potential.

Dr. Melodye has established the Voice of Justice Foundation to provide scholarships, nationally and internationally, for potential young leaders to receive training, aid in the rescue and care of orphans and children in developing nations, as well as partnering with other organizations to impact a generation with hope, vision, and purpose.

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