by Hope Taylor

Most Americans will instantly remember the date September 11, 2001.  A day when murderous cowards, now referred to as terrorists, hijacked four passenger jets filled with innocent travelers and savagely ended the lives of two thousand nine-hundred and seventy seven people. Commonly known as 9/11, this tragic day does not tell a story of freedom but one to the contrary. It was an attack on freedom.

September 11, 1297 tells the story of freedom. The oppressors were led by King Edward I of England who (with an army believed to have totaled 3,000 Calvary and 50,000 Infantry) set out to suppress the pulsating passion beating within the souls of William Wallace and his fellow Scotsmen.  Severely outnumbered, yet fueled by more than a short sighted fight for their own lives, the Scots fought to secure the great cause of freedom for their people.

It was the Scots at the Battle of Stirling Bridge that dealt the English their defeat on that September day. The English had to cross the narrow bridge to reach the Scots and therefore made a historical military miscalculation. They underestimated the enemy’s desire to be free and to protect freedom. Wallace and his army patiently waited while several thousand English soldiers crossed the bridge.  They then surrounded and defeated them as their fellow Englishmen watched helplessly from the other side.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge is a story of freedom and overcoming the enemy. You may remember the final scene of the powerful movie ‘Braveheart’ with William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson.  As Wallace was being tortured he was  given one last chance to publicly confess allegiance to the King of England and therby end his pain in a speedy death.  Yet, with everything he had left in him Wallace used his final breath to shout the word FREEDOM!

We must not repeat the tactical error from September 11, 1297. Any conversation about awakening and societal reformation without planting the seeds of freedom deep into the hearts of those God has called to lead the charge will lead to failure. Any serious study or pursuit of awakening and reformation whether on a personal, community, or national level, will begin with or include the passionate fight for freedom.  Reformation follows the revelation of freedom. Freedom birthed in the very heart of God in His desire that all men live free. Free from the oppressive power of sin and evil leaders whose desire is to imprison others through corrupt political policies and economic slavery.

May God give us the spirit of revelation so that our eyes are opened and we are consumed with the hope of His calling as we experience the surpassing greatness of His power. This fight for freedom will not advance beyond the church’s level of understanding, her willingness to perpetuate it to future generations, and if need be to water the seeds of freedom with one’s own blood. FREEDOM!  It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1, NAS).

We began this message with a call for freedom. We conclude it with a word of hope. America will not be reformed by politicians in Washington, D.C. or any capital city. Though they have an important role and legitimate place at the table, they have limited influence. Across this great nation our goal has been to stir faith and hope within the Church.  It is the place of informed, engaged and effective believers to reform cities for the glory of God! Our final words are from Nehemiah 4:14: “Do not be afraid of them; remember the Lord who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

Read Hope’s full message in the book Influencing Your Mountain. 

William ‘Hope’ Taylor has been a passionate follower of Jesus since 1974 and is focused on the mission of building a better future for America and the nations in his lifetime. He has worked with leaders in civil government, church, local communities, and businesses to form coalitions which identify and resolve issues.

Since 2004 Hope has been the president of the International Leadership Embassy (ILE), launched as a nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C.  ILE’s mandate is to educate, engage, and empower the Church with a Biblical worldview while implementing strategies to transform America and the nations for cultural reformation, particularly within civil government.

Hope has worked in the Republic of Benin, Nigeria, Ukraine, Belarus, Malaysia, Guinea Bissau, Mali, and Mexico. Since 2007 he has partnered with the Apostolic Council Leadership in Mexicali, Mexico for transformation of this border region. From sponsoring humanitarian efforts such as medical clinics among the river bank villages in West Africa, to meeting with affluent business leaders in Malaysia, the objective and motivation has been to serve people in the name of the Lord while extending the influence of His Kingdom.

Hope graduated from Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California with a Bachelor in Ministry, did extensive study with Liberty University’s Masters counseling program, and graduated from Christian Life School of Theology in the Doctor of Ministry program. Hope and his wife Debra live in LaGrange, Georgia. They have two adult d