We have entered into the Hebraic year 5779, and of course, the Roman calendar year 2019. As we were coming into this new season, I really began to seek the Lord about the times and the seasons that we’re in. When we set our heart in agreement with what God’s doing it begins to release an anointing for faith to actually see what God’s saying come to pass in our lives. One of the things that I heard the Lord say to us in the body of Christ is that we need to have an expectation that in this season we are going to go from survival to revival. That’s something that the Lord spoke to me and I really believe that we’re gonna come into a season of breakthrough and to a season of incredible miracles.

So let me just break this down for you just a little bit so that you can begin to release your faith to see the revival that God wants to bring in your own life. Let me tell you something, first of all, it’s really good to survive. If you’ve gone through a hard time, if you’ve gone through financial difficulties, family challenges, health challenges, whatever the challenge is, it’s really good to survive. But, we don’t wanna live in a place of surviving, we wanna come alive to thrive. That’s what god’s promise is for this year, as we allow his holy spirit into our heart to begin to cause an awakening to come. One of the definitions of the word revival is actually awakening. Of course, when we think of revival, we think of those series of meetings that people come and a lot of people get saved and that’s pretty much the traditional understanding of what the word revival means.

But, I wanna read you a definition, because I believe that there’s so much more that God is saying when he’s saying he’s bringing us into revival. Let me just give you this definition. It literally means to bring back to life, consciousness, vigor, vitality, strength, or a flourishing condition. So in other words, God’s saying, “This is a year of resurrection life.” He’s gonna bring some things back to life this year. Maybe you’ve had a vision from past seasons that you haven’t really seen come to pass, or maybe you’ve kind of lost hope in some things that you’ve been believing for. I’m telling you, God is bringing resurrection life back into that vision.

Just last year I had the opportunity of actually raising a man from the dead. It was kind of an incredible story. But, let me just say that God is going to blow our minds this year with his resurrection power. He’s gonna resurrect our bodies, he’s gonna bring us health, and vigor, and vitality in our bodies, in our vision, in our finances, all kinds of different ways. God is gonna cause dead things to come to life, even maybe your prodigal is gonna turn around and come back. Maybe that family member that you’ve been praying for that maybe you haven’t seen any forward movement towards the kingdom of God. God is going to bring a quickening and an awakening into that vision of seeing that person come into a place where they’re right with God, and they personally receive revival.

Let me go on and read the rest of this to you. It means to quicken, to restore, to renew hope and confidence. You see, this is a year that God wants to just wipe away every bit of hope deferred. Proverbs chapter 12 verse 13 actually says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” I love the way it says it in the message Bible, where it says, “Unrelenting disappointment can make your heart sick. But, a sudden good break can turn your life around.” I wanna just declare to you that this is the year of that sudden good break. This is the year that God’s gonna renew your hope, renew your confidence, and begin to turn things around. It literally means to activate or set things in motion.

Some of you out there have been praying about starting a church, praying about starting a ministry, praying about starting something new. This is a year to actually seek the Lord about the timing because it means that in this year of revival, God’s gonna begin to set some new things into motion. It means to renew the mind, and so when God brings a revival, he brings a renewing of the mind. And, very interestingly, it also means … revival also means to recover from financial depression. That’s a good word. So I hope that you have an expectation for increase this year. It doesn’t really matter what’s happened in previous years. When God says, “I wanna take you out of a place of survival into a place of revival, or into a place of thriving,” I wanna declare to you that God can cause breakout even in your finances, and cause a revival to come so that you can utilize your finances to advance the kingdom of God.

Finally, this word revival means to rejuvenate, to reactivate, to resuscitate, and to revitalize. So I really wanna encourage you, especially in your own personal walk with God, is that if there’s ever been a time in your life where you’ve loved Jesus more than you love him right now, you need revival. If there’s ever been a time that you’ve heard the voice of God more clearly than you hear him right now, then you need revival. If there’s ever been a time that your faith has been more expectant than it is right now, I wanna encourage you you need revival. Just ask the holy spirit to come in, and just say, “Holy spirit awaken me. Holy spirit give me fresh life, rejuvenate me, resuscitate me, reactivate me for all the things that God has in store for me.” I wanna declare to you, this year God’s taking you out of survival and bringing you into revival, and we look forward to hearing the great testimonies of all that God has done. God bless you.