Every year at the beginning of the year, we like to try to take some time to set ourselves aside and kind of just seek the Lord about the season that we’re coming into. We believe that when you actually understand the times and the seasons that were in, it gives you an opportunity to activate your faith and to begin to really press in in an expectation to see what God wants to do.

You know, last year, I had a vision and I saw the Lord kind of showing me a giant gate. And at the gate, I saw the gate was completely locked up. Now, I know that this was not what the Lord was saying for the year because in First Corinthians 16:9, Paul said, God has set a great open door before me for an effectual work. And the rest of that scripture unfortunately says, and there are many adversaries.

So we know that God has set a great open door before us. But as I watched this gate that I was seeing was actually a closed gate. It was a locked up gate. And as I watched, I saw a battering ram begin to slam against that gate. That was our prayers. That was our prophetic decrees. That was the prophecies that God was releasing into the atmosphere. And as this battering ram began to slam against the gate, the locks began to shatter, the chains began to come off. And pretty soon, the gate literally just fell down flat, giving us full access to what was on the other side.

Now, what was super exciting about this vision that I had was on the battering ram was written the words Prophet’s reward. And so it was really the Prophet’s reward that was breaking us through into this new season. Now in October, 2018, October the 18th to be specific, we actually commemorate 30 years of the prophetic movement. 30 is a very, very specific number in the Hebraic culture because it wasn’t until a man was 30 that he was deemed ready to be ordained for priesthood, that he was ready to go out to battle, that he was ready to assume his father’s business. That’s why Jesus was 30 when he assumed his father’s business and was launched into earthly ministry here.

And so we know that the prophetic is actually coming into a phenomenal new season. We’ve entered the time of the profits reward. I believe we entered it last year, and I believe that as we’re coming into this year, 2019, I want you to begin to activate your faith. I want you to begin to see that the number 30 actually represents fulfillment of your prophetic words. It represents an acceleration of what it is that God’s trying to do.

You know, David received a word when he was a teenager, but it wasn’t until he was 30 that he stepped into his kingly ministry. Joseph receipt received the dream also as a teenager, but it wasn’t until he was 30 that he stepped into his role as Pharaoh’s right-hand man. And so I want you to enter into this season, this profits reward season with great expectation, believing that the prophecies that got spoken over you are going to come to pass, as you mix them with faith, as you align your life and you align your heart, I believe that you’re going to step into your profits reward. Every gate is going to be opened. Every barrier is going to be removed, and you’re going to step into the full access for the glory of God and for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

God bless you. We look forward to hearing great testimonies in 2019.