From the desk of Dean Mitchum:

As I was preparing for our upcoming SongLaunch 2016 conference at Vision Church at Christian International, I sought the Lord for what He wanted me to share for 2016. Below is what He spoke to me and I am so excited to share it because I believe it’s going to speak to you specifically and bring life. Because that’s what the voice of the Lord does. It brings life!

The Year of Creative Awakening”.

Psalm 57:7-8 My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise.  Awake, my glory! Awake, lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn.

The Lord says today, “You are awakening to the power and anointing that I have given you. Awakening to the literal demand that you can authoritatively place upon your unique anointing and abilities. You will no longer wait until everything is perfect, everything is clear. You will use the gifts I have given you to cause things to be clear. The passive role of soothing mankind will be replaced with a fire inside of you to awaken mankind.

Many creative people have felt like their gifts have gone dormant and there is no place or need for them. I am calling you now “Awake”.

Many have felt like they’ve used their gifts to the best of their abilities and don’t know how to go to the next level. I am intervening on your behalf.

Many will awaken and realize their efforts are not creating the results they have desired. I am realigning you.

You will begin to see a new picture of the Kingdom, a new picture of home. You will begin to hear a new sound from the kingdom, a new sound from the heavenly throne. A new sight and sound of the kingdom will cause a realignment to the truth and will tether you to the Anchor of your soul. For I Am your anchor, the Majestic One of the Kingdom.

I will give creative worshipers new ways to create the connection between what is, to what should be, and bring that into reality. The tensions in many areas are going to be relieved by the anointing in the things which will be created.

I will blow a fresh breathe upon the creative talent of My people. A clear and recognizable anointing will become evident in your creations that will cause a humble confidence to overcome fear, an increased anointing to cause miracles and breakthrough.

Many will rediscover the anointing in their gifts and begin to see the connection between creativity and Me, The Creator. I will replace your burden to “be” creative with the freedom that comes from recognizing you are a creative being.

Command your gifts and instruments of creativity to awaken a new day and prepare your heart for the magnificent things I will do through you,” says God.

This call, issued from the throne of God, impacted me to the core. The Voice of the Lord is powerful, it is full of authority and righteousness. He is the initiator of all creative works, the original Creator, with the universe for His palette. In this season He is calling to us to join with Him as His Creative Church, His expression to the earth of His nature and glory.

In response to the voice of the Lord and what He is doing in this season, we have planned a creative worship event for song writers and musicians called SongLaunch 2016. Myself and Eddie James will lead those hungry, creative people of God who want to write songs for these new moves of God and give expression to His Kingdom. Please, if you feel the Lord tugging on your heart to join us, come. Participate in awakening the creative voice of the Lord, His worshippers, in writing the prophetic songs for this day and time in His church.

For His glory and His name,

Dean Mitchum

Worship Leader

Vision Church at Christian International

Call 850-231-2682 or go to for more information.