A Note From The Editor: 

Jane & Michael Nasrallah have been powerful friends and partners with Christian International for many years. I remember meeting them for the first time at our International Gathering of Apostles and Prophets event as a young MTC student and being so thoroughly impressed by not only the passion they had for God’s vision but also the genuine heart of love that they carried. It’s not just book knowledge for them, it is about activating and walking out what they know to be true on a daily basis.

Jane is a powerful and firm believer in the truth that God wants His church to occupy and further the dominion mandate until Christ’s return. To that end, God has placed a tremendous favor on her life especially in regards to the area of media and entertainment.

The testimony she shares below will bless you tremendously and it is my prayer that after reading it, you will declare “do it in me also God!”

– David Fang



Heart of Home Cooking Show – Marketplace Ministry

By Jane Nasrallah

The testimonies below are the very reason I have followed a dream and vision given to me back in 2007. It has been a walk of faith, and still is, as we climb the Media Mountain to advance the Kingdom of God!

The Lord showed me in a vision that I would be cooking and ministering at the same time, and it would be seen all over the world through media. I had an intense, burning desire to go outside the church walls and reach the unsaved, so I began to seek the face of the Lord on how this could be done. Thus, The Heart of Home Cooking Show was birthed in July of 2014.


I knew I would not be able to reach people with the love of Christ in a traditional way, through Christian talk shows or church services, but through something completely different and unique and located in the marketplace. As of today, 14 episodes of the cooking show have been produced and can be seen on the It’s Supernatural Network, on www.heartofhomecookingshow.com, and also on YouTube.

In April of 2015, Heart of Home Cooking will be aired on the Holy Land Broadcasting Network throughout the West Bank and Israel, and could also soon be seen in parts of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Holy Land Broadcasting is estimating that soon they will be able to reach close to 11 million people in the Middle East with their programs.  As a result, Heart of Home Cooking is in the process of adding Arabic subtitles to the 14 completed episodes and all future shows.

Testimonies from the Viewers of the Show:

I’ve been meaning to let you know I absolutely LOVE your cooking show!! I even made the chicken and dumplings recipe a couple of nights ago. It was delicious! You are definitely my kind of cook!! Loved hearing your stories and the pictures that were shown were great. I can’t wait for more episodes and recipes.

– Monika

I saw the video about making goulash and cornbread on heartofhomecookingshow.com, and was really struck by Jane’s testimony, so I watched the entire video. She would stop with a word of knowledge at times. At one point, as she spoke it was like the Lord was reaching right through the camera and comforting me and ministering to me; I started to weep. It was an amazing moment, to feel God’s presence so strongly…that is no ordinary cooking show!

– Glen