Jane Hamon shares her Word of the Lord for 2016; what she is hearing God say for this new year and how we can move with it.

“If You Show Up, I Will Show Off”

This prophetic word is important for us all to hear and pray over.


Notes For Jane Hamon’s Prophetic Word for 2016


Jane Hamon

Word of the Lord for 2016

A Year Heaven Partners with Earth in a New Way

This word is a bit lengthy, however, it has been interesting how God has shown me several different things like puzzle pieces and fit them together for the fullness of what He is saying for this exciting and challenging season.

On the morning of December 24, 2015 I dreamed for hours with God speaking the same thing to me over and over.  He would say “If you will show up, I will show off!”  In the dream I saw different scriptural scenarios in which this occurred.  Jesus showed up at the pool of Bethesda and showed off God’s power to heal.  Jesus showed up at the tomb of Lazarus showing off God’s power for resurrection life.  In 2 Chronicles 20 God told Jehoshaphat that they would not need to fight in the battle, but that they still had to show up on the battlefield and He would show His power to destroy the enemy that had them surrounded.  I heard a second phrase in these dreams….“If I did it then, I will do it again!  Every miracle we have ever read about in the Word, every revival or awakening from a past season, every example of a city or nation turning towards Christ becomes a foreshadowing of what God desires to do again!

In the dreams I was also reminded of Exodus 9:16 where  God says that He raised up Pharaoh to show His power and that His name would be declared in all the earth.  The word show means to show or present oneself.  In Egypt God first presented Himself and declared who He was to all the earth.  God used an obstinate, hard hearted, impossible situation to demonstrate His goodness and His power to His people.  God partnered with Moses and Moses partnered with God to see a nation set free so that the whole world would know God’s name!

The Lord says “I will cause heaven to partner with earth in a new way in 2016.  My people, if you will show up, I will show off!   There are “Pharaohs” and  “Pharaoh situations” that I have raised up which I will use as examples to demonstrate My power in the earth and make My name great.  As Moses showed up before Pharaoh, I showed off with signs, wonders and miracles that caused My people to be set free, the enemy to be destroyed and the wealth of Egypt to be released.   I brought a divine reversal, out of slavery into freedom, out of besiegement into Jubilee, out of poverty into wealth.  If I did it then, I will do it again!”

As I prayed about this I believe I heard the Lord say that He is bringing us into a time of Spiritual Climate Change.  Now, I am not necessarily a proponent of the current controversial thoughts on man made global warming.  My father is a meteorologist and reminded me that in the 1970’s scientists were convinced we were headed into a new ice age because the earth was in a cooling cycle. However, in spiritual terms, God is saying that man has the capacity to change the current spiritual atmosphere and heat things up through our prayers, prophetic declarations and through our praise, melting the ice off the hearts of His people to bring change.  There has been a hostile spiritual climate in the nations, in media and governments which has marginalized those who follow Christ, but there is a change coming.  With the rise of ISIS and terrorism in the earth there has been a pouring out of the blood of martyrs that is stirring the global atmosphere.  In the midst of ISIS persecution, in the midst of a growing hostility and persecution against Christians in media and government, I believe the enemy is overplaying his hand and a spiritual climate change will result continuing to make the earth ripe for awakening, revival and reformation.

5776 – A Jubilee Year of Release!

2016 corresponds to the Hebraic year 5776 (beginning in September 2015).  5776 is considered to be a Jubilee year by Hebraic scholars and the 70th Jubilee year observed since Joshua led the children of Israel into the Promised Land! The number 70 corresponds with a total  cycle being complete and perfected.  Jubilee occurs every 50 years, after a cycle of 7 Shemitah years.  Scripture calls Shemitah the Year of Release and Jubilee is a double portion of that! In Jubilee all slaves were released, debts were cancelled, families were restored, inheritances restored, property returned. 2016 will be a year of Jubilee blessing and release!

Leviticus 25:9-10 says “Then you shall cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement you shall make the trumpet to sound throughout all your land. 10 And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you shall return to his family.”  It is interesting for America, that this scripture is inscribed on our famous Liberty Bell.  I believe it is a declaration from the Lord for us all to speak and decree over our nation!

But Jubilee and the Year of Release (Shemitah) also came with some instructions for us to follow:  Deuteronomy 31:10-13 tells us we are to read the word to the whole community so that even the little ones know it and understand it. Leviticus 25:13-17 warns us not to oppress one another.  Deuteronomy 15:7-11 tells us to open our hands to the the poor during this time. With all the shaking in the earth today, with tension in our nation and other nations, with Christians being martyred and persecuted in record numbers, we must not just celebrate our own freedom and Jubilee, but find ways to reach out to others who are being oppressed to see them also set free.  The application is both spiritual, to set the spiritual captives free, but also practical to do what we can to see those who are physically captive set free.  If we will show up and get involved, God will show off!

The Hebraic word Ayin, which refers to the 70… this current decade, is the 16th letter in the Hebraic Aleph-bet.  It means “eye” or “to see, to discern.”  In this 16th year of this Millennium God is sharpening the prophetic vision of His people.

The sixth letter in the Hebraic aleph bet is Vav, which has the numeric value of six. The Hebrew “aleph bet” is a pictorial language and Vav is pictured as a hook, a tent peg or a spear.  Man was created on the sixth day and for this reason six is often said to be the number of man.   Vav is used in scripture as a symbol that hooks things together.  In Genesis 1:1 it is the symbol that hooks the words heaven and earth together. (In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth).  This verse is made up of seven Hebrew words and the Vav is the sixth word “v’et.”  The other two letters are aleph and tav, the first and last letters of the Hebrew aleph bet.  So this word “v’et” is the Vav, then would be the English equivalent of basically saying A to Z.  In Revelation 1 Jesus Identifies himself as the first and the last, the “aleph tav.” Hebrew scholars believe this Vav symbolizes the presence of Christ at creation as Messiah, joining creation with its future salvation…the past “vaved” to the future.  God “vaved” to man, heaven “vaved” to earth,  spiritual things “vaved” to earthly things.  The Vav symbol becomes the divine connecting force that joins heaven and earth together.  The very number of this year is an indication of the season we are in, when God’s Kingdom will come and His will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.

The Vav is also a picture of a tent peg or a stake.  This is a time for us to stake our claim for all God has promised from the past….driving it home for our present fulfillment.  Hebrews 11:1 declares, “now faith is…..”  It is time to shift out of a “someday mentality” into an expectation for a “now” manifestation!  We need to shake off all helplessness and hopelessness to understand that our actions on earth give us the ability to partner with heaven to see breakthrough occur.  When we humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways, God hears from heaven and will forgive and heal our land.  (2 Chron. 7:14) When we praise God silences our enemy (Ps. 8:2 NIV).  When we decree God establishes things for us and shines light on our path (Job 22:28). When we prophesy and release the Voice of the Lord the enemy is shattered (Is. 30:31). When we give our tithes and offerings heaven opens its windows of blessings over our lives, rebukes our Devourer and causes us to be happy and blessed (Mal. 3:10-12)!  What we do on earth, good or bad, has a corresponding response from  Heaven!

One last note here is that the word Jubilee is the Hebrew word is truwah, which means an acclamation of joy, a battle cry, to blow the trumpets, to sound an alarm, a great shout, a shout of victory, rejoicing. It comes from the root word ruwah which means to mar by breaking, to split the ears with sound, to rejoice, to destroy, a sound of triumph, a joyful sound, to sound an alarm.  God is releasing a Jubilee sound from heaven declaring release, but He is also listening for the sound of Jubilee coming from His people in the earth.  There is an alarm, a war cry sounding in heaven and God desires to hear the urgency and fervency of His people rising in the earth.  Can we release both the sound of rejoicing and victory and the war cry sound of battle?  When the sounds of heaven and earth connect there will be a resonating battle cry for God’s angel armies to bring breakthrough for us as never before.  The Jubilee shout at Jericho caused walls to fall!  The sound of breaking pitchers and drawing sword caused Gideon’s enemy to be defeated!  The sounds of praise from Jehoshaphat’s army caused the enemy to destroy one another.  The sound of people crying out at Pentecost caused God to release a rushing mighty wind of Holy Ghost fire that would change the world!  If He did it then, He will do it again!

STILL A TIME for DIVINE REVERSALS:  At the beginning of 2015 I heard the Lord say that this would be a Year of Divine Reversals.  As a matter of fact, in Esther 9:1 when it speaks of the decree of Haman it says of that day “that the enemies of the Jews hoped to have power over them, though it was turned to the contrary (the reverse occurred) that the Jews had rule over them that hated them.”  I was surprised to find that the word “turned” in this verse is the Hebrew word haphak is the Strong’s number 2015!!  It means to overturn, to change, to overthrow, to turn around, to transform, to be reversed!  We are in a time of Divine Reversals!  We have seen incredible miracles in bodies, families, jobs, churches, finances, etc. to evidence the reversals. The strong’s number 2016 (hephek) also means to turn, to be reversed, to go contrary, to make a difference, opposite.   In this time of connecting heaven and earth God is challenging us that we can make a difference, we can cause things to be reversed.  Things that went against us, or contrary to us in the last season can see a turnaround.  How can we show up so that God can show off?

In April, prior to the Supreme Courts ruling on marriage, Tom was praying and complaining to the Lord that we shouldn’t call them the Supreme Court.  “They aren’t the final say in what happens in the land.”  But the Lord replied back that they were the final say in our nation’s court system.  But when a lower court makes a bad decision your only option is to appeal to a higher court….the Sovereign Court.…to see a reversal.  Then all the lower courts have to align with what the highest court decrees.  We are believing for some reversals from the court of heaven.

Momentum Shift: something else the Lord showed Tom is that we are getting ready to see a momentum shift.  It seems the momentum shifted against the church for a while this year.  But just as in a football game a team can be losing in a big way, there can come a point when something happens, an interception, fumble, etc. which causes the momentum in the game to shift.  The team that could do nothing right can suddenly do nothing wrong!  They come back and win the game.  This is how the church has been. But the momentum is shifting!


Back in 2000 I wrote that we would see a wider and wider gulf between the true, Bible believing remnant and those who are “Christians” in name only.  The old, dead, historical church would maintain the name Christian as a form, but the true Church would eventually be called by a brand new name.  Just as in the second reformation the present truth church was known by a new name, Protestants, in the next few years we will see a whole new term used those who believe the Bible, the power of the Holy Spirit and in the Church’s role to interact with culture.  I don’t know the name…but I know it is coming.  I am praying this defining term will come from the Church rather than the media trying to define us in times of persecution.  Increased controversy will continue as believers are pressed more and more to decide which side of that gulf they will stand on.  Persecution will continue to rise against Bible believers, but God is raising up strong voices in the mountains of culture which will give strength to those making the choice.


(The Light Horsemen are Arising!)

I had the following dream on August 6, 2015 which speaks to God’s plans for awakening nations.  We were in Australia at the time.  I call this dream The Four Horsemen of Awakening meet Leviathan

I dreamed of the Four horsemen of Awakening and Revival. They were Angels dressed in white and were linked arm in arm.  They presented themselves to me as the necessary team to bring nations into their destiny of breakthrough, revival and awakening.

a)  The first horseman worked with the recent past moves of God, revivals, outpourings, movements. In the dream I knew he carried the anointing of the time of the Charismatic Movement which was a catch up movement of outpouring of the HG., even into denominational circles. I knew God is visiting the denominations again…pouring out his Spirit and giving people an opportunity to update or vacate those denominations.  This horseman also represented redigging old wells of revival and outpouring.  Fresh pockets or wells of outpouring and revival are springing up throughout the earth.

b). The second horseman was the angel that worked with the prophetic movement.  The Voice of the Lord is a Force!  Psalms 29. I knew there was a fresh wind of revelation and power coming to the prophetic people.  More people were embracing & being trained in hearing God’s voice. A whole new prophetic wave is being released.

c)  The third horseman worked with the apostolic movement or anointing.  Anointed to equip people to be Sent Ones with signs wonders and miracles.  Apostle is a military term. Apostolos means one sent into a territory on assignment to bring transformation. Many more saints are catching the understanding that they are to be sent ones into their world and into culture.

d). The fourth horseman worked with prophetic evangelism….the new kid on the block, he looked to be the youngest of the four but still very powerful and necessary for completing the team.  God is stirring boldness and urgency in His people to reach out to the lost with the power of the Holy Spirit and the prophetic word to bring them to Christ!

These four Angels were linked arm in arm as a unified force with an assignment to bring awakening into nations.  Every church and ministry must fortify and develop these four areas to prepare the way for awakening and revival to come.

The Time of the Light Horsemen

Interestingly, the man preaching the night after I had the dream (Prophet Greg Bailey who heads up Christian International Australia and New Zealand) had us all stand and link arms together as a sign we were partnering with heaven.  He said it was the 100 year anniversary of the battle at Gallipoli in which the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) armies penetrated the Middle East.  These brigades were called the “Light Horsemen“. Though they were eventually pushed back at Gallipoli and suffered a horrible defeat, they went on to win a major, miraculous victory at Beersheba (meaning the well of the oath or covenant) where 800 Light Horsemen, armed only with bayonets and a Bible, charged the guns of the Turks and Germans and miraculously overtook them.  Their bravery was so amazing, some of the Turkish soldiers, the enemy, actually put down their guns and applauded the Light Horsemen brigade. It was these armies, along with the British forces, who in 1917 took Jerusalem back from 1400 years of Muslim rule! 

There are hundreds of military testimonies from both sides of the battle for Jerusalem in which soldiers report seeing lights, or “light beings” fighting with the Light Horsemen.  Clearly both sides saw angels mobilized on the field of battle.  They won the battle and liberated Jerusalem against impossible odds! This took place in 1917 which was also a Jubilee year.  As a sound of freedom was arising in the earth, the angel armies were sent to war to see a land set free.  Heaven and earth worked in partnership to see Jerusalem released!  As God’s people arise the Angels are being given orders concerning us! (Psalms 91) God’s Light horsemen are arising!  Heavenly horsemen who will fight for us and earthly horsemen who will rise up to take cities and bring Liberty for the cause of Christ.

These Light Horsemen penetrated the Middle East in 1915 but didn’t win the full victory until 1917.   This is interesting as 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of the second reformation.  One more interesting fact is that the victory at Beersheba took place on October 31,1917 – the exact date of the 400 year anniversary of Martin Luther launching the second reformation by nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg church. I believe our prayers have penetrated spiritual and cultural issues in 2015, but as at Gallipoli we may have seen some push back and seeming defeat.  However, I also believe God is anointing us with the courage of the Light Horsemen to charge the enemy’s front lines for some miraculous victories in the place of covenant (Beersheba). These victories will open the way to see cities and nations turned.  But the Church must arise and be God’s voice and God’s force in the earth.


e) Back to the dream!  The next scene I saw was that together these four horsemen with their arms linked had hit a golf ball on a course (Remember, this was a dream????)   I didn’t actually see them hit it….how could four individuals hit a ball together?  Why a golf course?  The only thing I thought of was the scripture where Paul says “I have finished my course.”  As funny as this seems, I do believe the context of the dream was about the Church finishing her course well in this next season.

The golf ball landed a few feet from a giant crocodile.  The angelic team was in a stand off waiting …..waiting for something to happen?  For the crocodile to move so that they could play the next shot? But the game was delayed because the crocodile refused to move.  These four powerful horseman were stalemated because of the intimidating and dangerous nature of the crocodile.  Something needed to happen to change this.  I knew the Angels were waiting on the people of God to engage in the battle and appeal to heaven which would release them to move forward & deal with resistance. I knew this crocodile represented the spirit of Leviathan, spoken of in Job 41, which is being stirred to resist awakening and revival, to stagnate and stalemate the church.

I feel we will see Leviathan resisting awakening on every hand.  Churches will resist awakening, most media will ridicule it, the government will even try to stop it.  But God will have those who know how to Appeal to Heaven to bring a momentum shift! 

If the reader is unfamiliar with the current Appeal to Heaven movement I encourage you to read Dutch Sheet’s book by this title and to research America’s first flag.  Our first flag was white with a picture of a  pine tree in the middle with the words “Appeal to Heaven” at the top.  These words were taken from writing by a British philosopher and clergyman, John Locke, who basically said if you have not received justice in the courts of men, if you are facing impossible odds, when all hope of victory is lost, the only option is to appeal to heaven.  Dutch Sheets tells the full story of how through a dream and other revelations God showed him He wanted to reveal himself as El Olam, the everlasting God who keeps covenant from generation to generation. God is reminding us of previous covenants made for our nation and how He wants us to pull them forward into today.  Really, you can see the concept of the Vav, connecting past to present and present to future……Heaven and earth working together to restore covenant over a nation.

The Hebrew word Leviathan actually means “to mourn.”  The enemy’s strategy has been to get the church into a place of mourning over things that have gone against us and immobilize us with a sense of fatalism or hopelessness.  He is called the King of the children of Pride.  He is arrogant, brings crooked communications, strife and division, prayerlessness, fear, apathy and passivity due to an intimidation factor.  But again, the word for reversal, haphak, is the one used when scripture says “I will turn your mourning into dancing…..I will turn your sorrow to joy…..I will turn the curse to a blessing for you because I love you says the Lord.”  We must shake ourselves from grief and mourning and rejoice because God is taking everything meant for our evil and turning it for our good!

Job 41:1 asks “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook?”  Remember the Vav? It is a hook.  Perhaps man cannot defeat Leviathan, but clearly God can. If we will just show up in this spiritual confrontation with Leviathan, being careful to recognize we do not battle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, if we will show up, God will delight in showing off His superior powers to bring about Leviathan’s defeat!

One more interesting thing that ties Leviathan in this dream to the current Appeal to Heaven Movement is something shared with me by Dr. Don Lynch, from Freedom House in Jacksonville, FL.  He told us that when the Native Americans faced an alligator, clearly a leviathan type, their arrows and spears could not penetrate its hide.  So they would cut down a small pine tree (as in the pine tree on the Appeal to Heaven flag). They would sharpen the trunk into a sharp point and remove most of the branches, leaving only a few for a handle.  Then when the alligator opened its mouth they would ram the spear clear down its throat, killing it instantly.  I believe we will see Leviathan open its mouth wide this next year…through the political spirit, through the media, even through some in the church, but that will be the very opportunity to Appeal to Heaven to see a turn around victory.  The spear is our Vav that will cause heaven and earth to connect to see the plans of the enemy defeated!

f) Back to the dream again. There was actually a big party waiting at the end of the course but the party was delayed because the final holes couldn’t continue until this ??something happened by the church that mobilized the Angels. I got the sense this crowd was the great cloud of witnesses yelling “come on!  Finish it! Finish well!”  I didn’t see this in the dream, but knew that the Angels were waiting on the Church to rise up & press the battle to the full….willing to sacrifice & work to see things finished, willing to find solutions to difficult societal issues. Willing to bring an Appeal to Heaven and overcome against impossible odds.

g) A couple verses I have meditated on in regards to how we partner with heaven in making an appeal….

Job 5:8-11 | NIV. But if I were you, I would appeal to God;I would lay my cause before him.9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,miracles that cannot be counted.10 He provides rain for the earth;he sends water on the countryside.11 The lowly he sets on high,and those who mourn are lifted to safety.

Appeal for Your House and Your Land!

2 Kings 8:3-6  It came to pass, at the end of seven years, that the woman returned from the land of the Philistines; and she went to make an appeal to the king for her house and for her land. 4 Then the king talked with Gehazi, the servant of the man of God, saying, “Tell me, please, all the great things Elisha has done.” 5 Now it happened, as he was telling the king how he had restored the dead to life, that there was the woman whose son he had restored to life, appealing to the king for her house and for her land. And Gehazi said, “My lord, O king, this is the woman, and this is her son whom Elisha restored to life.” 6 And when the king asked the woman, she told him.So the king appointed a certain officer for her, saying, “Restore all that was hers, and all the proceeds of the field from the day that she left the land until now.”

(The word Philistines means immigrant but comes from a root word which means to roll in the dust of mourning, to wallow in your self.  There is the word mourning again.  We must come out of mourning into joy, for the joy of the Lord will be our strength.)

Isaiah 43:25-26 “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake; And I will not remember your sins.26 Put Me in remembrance; Let us contend together; State your case, that you may be acquitted.

The Lord is inviting us into His courtroom to put Him in remembrance…of past covenants, of past prophetic words, of past dedications.  He invites us to contend with Him and state our case.  I believe there is an application of this for every individual, every family, every church and even every nation.

An awakening is upon us!   People are being awakened in the world!  The church needs to awaken to go get them!

Presidential Elections:  I don’t have any real prophetic insight on who the next president will be. But I do want to share something for a point of prayer. 

In 1999, the Lord showed me George W Bush would be our next president and that he would be a Cyrus whose had an assignment to overthrow Babylon.  Regardless of how you might feel about him or the Iraq war, this was something I heard from the Lord even before 911.  That’s exactly what he did!  He went in and overthrew Babylon. But since that time there has been the ancient Prince of Persia spirit loosed in the earth. When you look at the geography of the ancient Persian Empire you see that it covers the same nations that are currently embroiled in upheaval in the Middle East and Northern Africa.   I believe this Prince of Persia is the spirit behind Haman in the book of Esther, Sanballot and Tobias in Nehemiah, Ahaseurus and Artaxerxes in Ezra, and behind those who put Daniel in the lion’s den.  I believe this Prince of Persia is a spirit of resistance sent into the earth in times of reformation to lock things up….when God has declared a time of divine unlocking!  (Read Ezra 4 to see its effect on the Jews rebuilding the temple.)

A Tipping Point

Around 2005, I was reading in Ezra 4 and I saw that after Cyrus was gone two other kings arose and shut down every bit of progress Judah had made in rebuilding the temple and reclaiming Jerusalem.  This shut down of progress lasted 16 years.  I felt the Lord say that the same would happen after George Bush left office, as a nation we would go into a season where the Prince of Persia would resist the work of the church and reformation.   I didn’t necessarily feel it had to be 16 years.   The church could arise and pray and bring a shift through our appeal to heaven!  Ahaseurus name means I will cause you to be poor and silent. Artaxerxes means the restrainer.  Clearly we can see how these two forces have affected the church over the past 7 years, not because of who is sitting in the office of president, but because of the response, or lack of response from the church.  Culture has pushed back against biblical values. President Obama declared America is not a Christian nation.  Expression of biblical values are now called bigoted and even criminalized in some cases.  We have clearly lost ground in the battle for our nation.   I believe we may be in the tipping point of prayer right now to determine what the second half of those 16 years will look like for our nation and for the church.  Will we show up so that God will show off?

But the good news is, after these two kings ruled in Ezra 4, there were a succession of Persian kings who restored full authority to all Cyrus had decreed.  In Ezra 5 you see the turn around occurs because Zerrubabel (the governor/apostle) and Haggai and Zechariah (the prophets) began to decree.  In Ezra 5:17 these leaders sent a letter to the new king, Darius.  They asked him to search the royal treasuries to see if a previous decree had been made by Cyrus that superseded the decrees of obstruction by Ahaseurus and Artaxerxes.  When the king discovered the previous covenant he restored it then added an even greater authority to it by adding his own decree.  I believe as the Apostle’s and Prophets….(as well as apostolic and prophetic people) come together to decree and create a sound in the earth,  they will put the Lord in remembrance regarding previous covenants in our nation where we were dedicated to God and to the expansion of the gospel and the Kingdom of God, and He will respond from heaven.

I have felt recently that our nation came into covenant with this Prince of Persia when the Iran agreement was signed.  This is a covenant that aligns us against Israel, with Islam and this ancient principality and will open us for attack.  I believe we need to appeal to heaven and remind the Lord about the previous covenants so that those dedications and covenants can supersede this ungodly alignment, breaking us free from its curse.

In Ezra 6-7 the people of Judah were given more and more power, money and dominion in the land.  Unlimited resources, unlimited authority and unlimited breakthrough were given.  Heaven broke the way open for Jerusalem to be restored! The temple was finished (the church was reformed), built in double portion dimensions to what had been destroyed and the city was rebuilt.  It was one of the most victorious times Judah experienced.   It says in Ezra 6:14-15, “And the elders of the Jews built and prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo. They finished their building by decree of the God of Israel and by decree of Cyrus and Darius and Artaxerxes king of Persia; 15 and this house was finished on the third day of the month of Adar, in the sixth year of the reign of Darius the king.”

They build and prospered because of the insight, strategy and power of the spoken prophetic word of the prophets and the righteous decrees of the kings.  As they made a prophetic sound in the earth, Heaven answered and brought a finishing anointing for a new time of prosperity for the people of God. Those are the times ahead for the church!

In closing,   I believe one other area God wants to hook (Vav) together is the generations.  A quote which really impacted me this year is by Winston Churchill and I will close with this….

Winston Churchill

“One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next.  This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear: its religious faith, its heroes…..when one generation no longer esteems it’s own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences that make the society what it is are no longer valid.  This leaves that generation without any sense of definition or direction, making them the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s dictum, ‘A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.’  What is required when this happens and the society has lost its way, is for leaders to arise, who have not forgotten the discarded legacy and who love it with all their hearts.  They can then become the voice of that lost generation, wooing an errant generation back to the faith of their fathers, back to the ancient foundations and bedrock values….(Never Give In, The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, Page 190)