2017- A Year of “Trumpification” and “Triumphification”

We are moving into a year of “Trumpification” here in the United States like maybe no other year in our history. This word was coined to represent the effect of our next president on the affairs of men. This is a time where, regardless of political allegiance, we as Christians in the US must desire for revival to impact our nation with a shift for righteousness and morality. We have heard a slogan for months from our incoming president that he desires to “Make America Great Again.” There are certainly many avenues where we can see that as a possibility with God’s help.

America is definitely called by God to be a leading nation of impact in the world today. However, over and above this viewpoint of “Trumpification,” there is an even greater perspective. That perspective is one of another coined word “Triumphification.” Even though maybe not a Wikipedia defined word, it represents the idea that Jesus came and is coming again to “Make the World Great Again.” From the time of the original creation of planet Earth, God has always had a plan to “Make the World Great Again.” Even though there was a fall that seemed to doom the earth to a destitute of sin, God always had the plan to bring His greatness back again. We are now pursuing that time in history as never before. God is looking for people from generation to generation to arise and shine with that focus.

The year 2016 brought possibly the greatest conflict in our political history since our Civil War days. The rivalry between the Red and Blue states was very strong. The Lord spoke to me during this season and said that when you blend red and blue with unity, the new color purple arises. This color of royalty can represent Jesus being magnified in our nation this year. It will require God’s people knowing that they are Christians first and anything else after. There is an open door of possibility for the Kingdom of God to make great advances both in our nation and the nations of the Earth. May we move beyond political strife to the war with darkness that exists where all Christians are on the same side.

“Rule of the Kosmos” is changing!

Revelation 11:15 states “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord, and of His Christ and He will reign forever and ever.” The literal translation of this scripture is “the rule of the kosmos” is going to change. This word “kosmos” has to do with an orderly arrangement. At the initial creation of Earth, God made it to be a good, orderly arrangement under His complete submission. Only at the fall, first of Lucifer to become Satan and then of man choosing to rebel, did this orderly arrangement change. What initially had been full of God’s light then became formless and void and impacted by darkness.

Even though Satan, who is only one of a myriad of fallen angels, is referred to as the “god of this world” in 2 Corinthians 4:4, this does not mean that he was or ever will be a “god.” However, he has had an unlawful impact on planet Earth and the people thereof. This impact is destined to change for the positive in the days ahead, and we are called to be a part of this God-given change in the rulership of our cosmos.

In 2017, we are moving forward to the appointed day of change and the complete rulership of King Jesus. Jesus spoke of His purpose in making this happen many times when he walked the Earth as all God and all man. In Mark 16 Jesus charged His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel of “Good News” to all of creation. Even at Jesus’ birth the angels said “I bring you Good News of Great Joy.” That is why today we are also called to demonstrate who Jesus is to ‘powers and principalities’ in addition to mankind. There is coming a shift to “Make the World Great Again.” This will be the “Triumphification” of the Earth and the world.  This shift will once again restore planet Earth and the world into complete submission to God’s will. Everything and everyone will bow their knee to the rule of King Jesus either by force or by choice.

In Colossians 2:15, the bible states that “When He (Jesus) had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him.” This speaks of a time past when Jesus, who had been resurrected from the dead, led a parade in the heavenlies of His victory over death, hell and the grave. This “Triumphification” in the heavenlies is yet to be fully experienced here on planet Earth. We are advancing toward that day when God will “Make the World Great Again” and change the “Rule of the Kosmos.”

2017 is a year where God has purposed “Quantum Leap” advances for His Kingdom.

A “Millennial Reign”!

Most of the time when we think of a “Millennial reign,” we think of that appointed time in the future when Jesus sets up His rule on planet Earth for a one-thousand-year period of time. This will be the time right after the “Rule of the Kosmos” changes. Fortunately, for us as Christians, we get to rule and reign with Jesus during that time. This year, however, the Lord began to speak to me about another type of “Millennial reign.” This revelation was that God was looking for Millennials to reign with Him right now. He is looking for a Millennial generation (18-35 year olds) to demonstrate His righteousness in the Earth. As was with previous generations, from GI, Silent, and Baby Boomers to the future Gen Z, the Millennials right now have a great opportunity to reign with Christ. As established leaders of technology and social media, they have a unique positioning in the Earth today. Their voice can be heard with an expediency and expansiveness as never before. God is calling them to be impactful forces of light in what seems to be rising darkness. May all Christian Millennials this year stand strong against Satan’s plan to steal a generation, and be those ruling and reigning in and with Christ today.

A Lightning Bolt God Crowning Connections !

The Lord spoke to me in a very unusual way leading into this Hebrew transitional year of 5777. The Lord has always spoken to me with signs, wonders and miracles, and even with prophetic atmospheric manifestations. These have included numerous stories of hail, fire and light, along with angelic visitations.

Just shortly before the transition into the year 5777 occurred, I had been ministering with Bishop Bill Hamon at a Christian International City Tour in New York. At this conference, I ministered on how God would make divine connections for us by “Vaving” (connecting) Heaven to Earth like Lightning Bolts. The symbol for the 5776-year number 6 was a tent peg. The word “Vav,” or number 6, was used in Genesis 1:1 to demonstrate how God connected the Heavens and the Earth. In one reference, the meaning was “with lightning bolts God would connect Heaven to Earth” and manifest our destinies from an unseen realm to the visible. Just as God spoke things into existence and caused things that were not to be formed from an unseen realm, so now would He establish divine connections and destinies that way. The great part of this revelation was that God would initiate these connections in the very same way He initiated the Heavens and Earth to be connected.

The very next week, I was out by our swimming pool watching a thunderstorm roll in from the Gulf of Mexico. I have always been fascinated by weather phenomena and even have a “lightning” machine in my office. I had been told that you could calculate the distance the lightning was from you by counting the seconds between the lightning flash and the sound of thunder. I was told that each second represented one mile (by the way, this is not true). So I was counting some of the strikes to thunder and getting five or six seconds.

I was just counting the next one, almost to seven seconds, when a massive lightning bolt came from the sky across all our palm trees and struck our carriage house apartment. It sounded like an atomic bomb went off, with burning wood flying over the pool and blowing the roof apart in several places on the carriage house. I was standing twenty feet away, and the sound was temporarily deafening. A few seconds later, my son-in-law staggered out of the upper apartment. I said to him, “Look where the lightning struck,” and he motioned and said, “Oh No, you need to come inside and see what happened.” When I went inside, to my amazement, the lightning had blown several holes, some up to three feet in diameter, on the interior walls. There were drywall sections and dust everywhere, with giant burn marks on the metal components of construction. It disintegrated the main ground wire.

When the fire department came, along with our electrical contractors, they said it was the most massive lightning bolt they had ever seen. We even had a television crew come out to televise the event of the strike for our local TV Channel. The lightning blew out all of our A/Cs and other related electrical things. It even went up the power line and blew out the electric company’s transformer.

Now, when this lightning bolt struck, I am thinking,

“This is Great!…” God was confirming the fact the He will connect destiny for us in this season of time as never before, and will bring divine connections! I knew that this was a prophetic confirmation that He was going to initiate some great things for us this year.  As we now have moved into this 5777 Hebrew year, our “Lightning Bolt” God will “Crown” our connections this year. As the number 7 is made from the number 6 with a crown on it in Hebrew, the 7 visually looks like a sword and prophetically becomes the “Sword of the Lord” for this year.

The Lord has always spoken to me with the number 7 in the past, and this is a great year for His voice to be heard in the year 5777. Being born in the natural at 7:07, Born Again spiritually by reading Matthew 7:7, having a wife with a birthday on 7/7, our daughter married on 7/7/7, and even our first Grandson born on a 7th, I am very expectant this year of triple 7s. The Lord spoke to me at a recent conference with Chuck Pierce that just as in the natural realm triple 7s represents jackpots, there are also “spiritual jackpots” in God’s plans for us this year.

There is also a good ending for the lightning bolt story in the natural, as God can cause all things to work together for good. When our insurance agent came to inspect the damage, He said, “Whatever was plugged into an outlet needs to be replaced.” Talking about turning apparent disaster to good, this was well above anything expected. Appliances, TVs, computers, garage door openers, and even air conditioners shift at the sound and the “lightning bolt” of God.

The Army of the Lord Marching in Rank!

One of the greatest for God to advance us this year is for each member of the Army of the Lord to be in unity and in rank. There is a need for five-fold ministers to know that their destiny will never be fulfilled without those who are called to impact the seven mountains of culture, and vice vers. The 7 Mountain Kingdom Influencers will never fulfill their destiny apart from being in position with five-fold ministers. This year will bring greater revelation of how these two groups, which includes every believer, move as one in the Earth today. God says that once more He will shake the Heavens and the Earth. I believe that we are in those days right now. Nations, along with individuals, are being shaken to eliminate those things that will not remain, so that those things that will remain will be our focus. May you arise this year of 2017 and 5777 and see that God’s plan is to “Make the World Great Again.”  He will do that by causing the Body of Christ to represent and demonstrate the Triumphant King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s—Jesus—to be seen in the Earth today. Being a world changer will require us to lay our lives down for the Kingdom today. May you be a vessel this year that God can use to “Make the World Great Again.”