Bishop Bill Hamon’s prophetic word for 2016. God is waging war on your enemies and every plan of the enemy on earth. Where we have been, where we are, and how we can partner with God for what is to come.


One of the most important things for Christians to know is God’s times and seasons in which we live.  We must know God’s present day purpose and what Christ Jesus seeks to accomplish in and through His Church in order to be co-laborers with Christ.   There is a difference between working for Christ and working with Christ Jesus.   Many ministers of past restoration movements faithfully preach the biblical truths that were restored, including those of their own restoration movement.  God is still restoring and doing new things in His Church.  There are still scriptural truths to be restored and divine purposes that must be fulfilled before Jesus can return from Heaven (Acts 3:21; Heb.10:13).

The Church has now entered God’s WWIII. 

For God to have a third world war, He had to have a first and second.  God’s WWI was fought to produce the First reformation of the Church.   God sent His Commander-in-Chief of the armies of heaven to earth as a human baby.  He grew to a man, and at the age of 30, Jesus launched His campaign.  The war was to destroy the works of the devil and provide redemption for mankind.  Jesus fought His first battle with the devil at the temptation in the wilderness.  Father God then anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power, as He went about destroying the works of the devils by healing people of their devilish afflictions and casting Satan’s demons out of people. Jesus’s winning battle was on the Cross where He provided redemption for mankind, and then by His resurrection from the dead, He took the keys of death and hell from the devil. Jesus then birthed His Church and gave His Church power and authority over the devil and all his demons.  Thereby WWI was won.

God’s WWII began in 1517 at the beginning of the 2nd Reformation, which was for the purpose of restoring all truth and ministries back to being active in the Church. The first shot was fired when God’s General Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the door of his Church in Wittenberg, Germany.  It took many battle-restoration movements over 490 years to retake all the truths and ministries that the devil had captured during the 1000 year Dark Age of the Church.  Most of them were restored back into the Church by the end of 2007.   Thereby God’s WWII was won and the Second Reformation of the Church was fulfilled.

Now God’s WWIII was declared in 2008 when the 3rd & Final Church Reformation was birthed in the Church.  

God’s warriors and army officers have been intensely  tested, trained and equipped for the last seven years for the launching of God’s offensive warfare in 2016.   Israel’s 7 days march around Jericho typifies these 7 years.  The Restoration Movements during the 2nd Reformation are illustrated by Israel’s experiences during their journey from Egypt to Canaan.   The First being the Protestant Movement that brought the Church out of its Egyptian bondage of religious dead works, the Sixth being the Charismatic movement that brought the Church to its Jordan River, and the Seventh being the Prophetic-Apostolic Movement that crossed the Church over its Jordan River into its Canaan Land.   Israel’s inheritance was the land of Canaan.  Their challenge was to make the kingdoms of Canaan the Kingdom of Israel.  The inheritance of the Church is the Earth.  Our challenge is to make the kingdoms of this world the Kingdom of God (Rev.11:15; 5:10).  When all this is accomplished, God’s WWIII will be won and “The 3rd and Final Church Reformation” will be fulfilled.

I have written a book covering the First, Second and Third Reformation, called Prophetic Scriptures Yet To Be Fulfilled.   It mostly covers the Church demonstrating and establishing God’s Kingdom.  The book I am writing now on God’s WWIII covers the warfare, our weapons of warfare and how to use them.

The new book will also cover the final battle that will decisively win the war as described in Revelations 19.  We have entered an offensive warfare that will not end until Jesus personally leads His army of saints in the final battle.   This is now the time that saints must know their weapons of war and how to use them.  Pastors and all fivefold ministers must now function as drill sergeants and generals and diligently train the saints to be soldiers who know how to fight as warriors in the army of our Commander-In-Chief, Jesus Christ our Lord.

We must make sure we are fully dressed in our Protective Defensive Armor:  Our helmet of Salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, and combat boots of the gospel.  The shield of faith is mainly defensive but can be used offensively.

Our Offensive Weapons:  Sword of the Spirit, In the Name of Jesus, high praises, shout of faith, praying in tongues, prophetic acts and praying and making apostolic decrees.  I have led numerous nations in warfare with the Church’s greatest corporate weapon—the shout of faith—which explodes demons in the spirit realm like an atomic bomb exploding in the natural.  Many ministers have testified of major changes and a shift in the nation.  A few years ago Cindy Jacobs prophesied, “Dr. Bill Jesus is commissioning you to be a 5 Star General in the Army of the Lord.”  Someone gave me some documents stating that 5-Star Generals are only commissioned during a time of war.  I lead churches in warfare as a 5 Star General more than as a 5–Fold minister.  The reason Prophets are motivated to warfare is because of what God said to Prophet Jeremiah: “I have set you (prophet) over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out and to pull down, to destroy and to throw down (evil demonic principalities).  Then plant and build the kingdom of God.”   We absolutely do have weapons of warfare that are mighty in pulling down strongholds of Satan  (2Cor.10:4: Eph.6:12).

I write in my new book, “The next great move of God is the manifest Army of the Lord.  It will produce the most manifestations of God’s power & glory ever recorded in church history.  It will continue until the glory of the Lord fills the earth as the waters cover the sea (Nu.14:21; Hab.2:14).  Jesus is calling forth tried and proven ministers to fulfill His timely present purpose and co-labor with Him to win His WWIII.   

Ministers let us now prepare Christian soldiers as men and women of valor and mighty warriors, like David’s 30 mighty men, Gideon’s 300 and Joshua’s conquering army.    These special forces of saints will fight along with Jesus, the Commander-in-Chief of His army of angels in heaven and His warrior saints on earth, until His World War III is won.  Be assured that Jesus with His victorious overcomer warriors will win this war and triumphant valiantly.  Jesus and His overcomer warriors will then rule and reign over everything!  (Rev.21:7; Rev.2:26,27;  Dan.7:14,18,22,27; Rev.5:10)





  1. WARS ARE STARTED AND FOUGHT TO:   Take territory, take dominion, conquer or destroy enemy, to establish kingdom-empire (like Daniels prophesied 4 empires, or Alexander the Great, or Hitler, etc.)  Goal to take dominion and rule over all the earth. Rev.5:10; 11:15
  2. GOD’S 1ST WORLD WAR:  God is Spirit and He fights to establish His timely spiritual purposes for the world.  John 4:24; Eph.1:9-11.
  1. God so loved the WORLD that He sent His Commander-n-Chief to earth to win “God’s WW1”.  Jesus came into the world as a mankind baby, grew to be a man and at age 30 began to destroy the works of the devil by demonstrating the kingdom of God.  Jesus won the battle for the redemption of mankind by shedding His life’s blood on the cross.
  2. As He arose from the dead He dethroned Satan-Col.3:15, took the keys of death and hell from him, gave the keys of the Kingdom of God to His Church, when He birthed it on the Day of Pentecost. Matt. 16:19  He then transferred to His Church all power and authority over Satan and his evil kingdom. Luke 10:19

Jesus commissioned His Apostles and Saints to preach His gospel and establish His kingdom-Church in all the world Mt.28:19.   This won God’s “1st World War” and fulfilled the “1st Reformation of the Church.”       




  1. God’s purpose for this War was to take back all the territory of biblical truths and ministries that Satan had captured from the Church during the 1000 year Dark Age.
  2. God began in 1500’s raising up Restoration Generals to take back all the territory that Satan had taken from the Church. “God’s WW2” became a 500 year war with Restoration Prophetic-Apostolic Generals winning battle after battle with their army of saints until the majority of the truths and ministries were restored by 2007.  God also restored The Christian soldier’s armor and weapons of warfare .Eph.6:10-18  +
  3. God’s WW2” was now won and the “Church’s 2nd Reformation” was fulfilled.


  • GOD’S WORLD WAR III:      Declared by Heaven in 2008


  1. God’s purpose for HIs “WW3” is for the Church to fulfill all Prophetic Scriptures, demonstrate the Kingdom of God in every nation-Mt.25:14, until every nation becomes a goat or sheep nation-Mt.25:31, and the prophets reveal and the Church fulfills all remaining mysteries of God-Rev.10:7.  The Church fulfills the “8 Reasons Why Jesus has not returned as He promised He would.  Jn.14:3; Rev.22:20; 1Thess,4:16;  Acts 3:21  
  2. The Final Battle of “God’s 3rd WW” will be led  by The Commander-N-Chief of the armies of Heaven and Earth-Jesus Christ Himself.  Jesus will first transform his warrior saints into His likeness spiritually and physically 2Cor.3:18; 1Cor.15:52.   JESUS with His Army of Saints will destroy all the anti-Christ humans on the earth-Rev.19;11-21.  General Michael the great Archangel will bind Satan with chains and cast him in the bottomless pit-Rev.20:1-3 .  All evil influencers of both mankind and demons are removed from the earth Rev.19:21.  The conquering overcomer saints rule and reign with Christ on earth for a thousand years-Rev.20:6.  The kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of Jesus and His joint-heir Church . Rom.8:17;  Rev.11-15
  3. “God’s 3rd WW” and “The Church’s 3rd & Final Reformation” accomplish. God’s Third and Final Purpose for mortal man on earth.


  1. 7 = completion, fulfilment, accomplished. 8= New beginning.
    1. 2007 thru 2015 = 7 years preparation, testing for those called and now chosen to be God’s Warriors and 3rd Reformation Reformers.
  2. 2016 (2008+8=2016).  Now in 8th year major testing is over for the chosen ones.  They have God’s Favor and Blessings of Duet.28:1-14.
  3. 2016:  Year of God’s Provision for the Vision.  New warfare weapons, empowerment, wisdom, and prosperity for the Warriors.





    1. Revelation, conception, Birthing, maturing, manifesting, fulfillment.
    2. In 2008 Prophet received Revelation, made decree and proclamation, Church became Pregnant with “3rd Reformation;” vision and revelation grew within like a baby in the womb, then birthing came in 2016  and then “God’s 3rd WW” &  “3rd Reformation” began maturing and manifesting and will continue until ultimate fulfillment.


  • Prophet Joel’s prophecy (3:9,10) is for 2016:  “Proclaim this: Prepare for War!  Let all the Men of War draw near, let them come up. Beat your plowshares into Swords and your pruning hooks into Spears; let the weak say, I AM STRONG.”
  • 1N 2016 Let the King of Glory come in!  “Who is this King of Glory?  The Lord STRONG AND MIGHTY IN BATTLE.  The LORD OF THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN, He is the King of Glory!  ”Trade your “Santa Clause Jesus”  for the mighty Man of War- Jesus the All Powerful fighting warrior.
  • 2016 Isaiah 42:13 is being activated:  “The LORD shall go forth like a Mighty Warrior.  He shall stir up His Zeal like a Man of War.  Jesus shall cry out, yes, SHOUT ALOUD; He shall prevail against His enemies.



  1.    2016 Must Know Our WEAPONS OF WARFARE and How to Use Them!!!
  1. Most Christians do not know that they have weapons of War and those that do know do not know how to use them against the enemy.  Many do not believe that we are to do warfare.
  2. 2016:  God is challenging the Church to join Him in His “3rd WW” and go on the OFFENSIVE destroying works of the devil and to begin to possess our promised inheritance.   Earth is our inheritance as Canaan was Israel’s.
  3. 2Cor.10:4   “We do WAR:  But the Weapons of Our Warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for Pulling Down Strongholds.”  “Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might. Put on the whole Armor of God for we do not war against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual armies of wickedness in the heavenly places.”  Eph.6:10-12. The Prophet has the calling and authority—“to root out and to pull down, to destroy and throw down” and “are set over the nations and the kingdoms.”  Jer.1:10.  God says of His saints, “You are my battle axe and WEAPONS of WAR. Jer.51:20
  4. SHOUT OF FAITH is the greatest offensive corporate Weapon of the Church.   When Saints Shout in unison it explodes in the spirit realm and does destruction to the kingdom of darkness like an Atomic Bomb does in the natural realm.
  5. The Church is God’s Spiritual Airforce.  We can knock out the enemy’s communications & declare a no-fly zone over our area!
  6. Eph.1:19,20; 2:6  The heavenlies belong to the Church, for we are seated together in HEAVENLY PLACES in Christ. Highest place in the heavenlies.
  7. EXAMPLES:   Columbia, A.,  Mexico City,  CI  IGAP & etc.   I have led the Church in this type of Spiritual Warfare in Numerous Nations and have received testimonies of great results.   I do it as the 5-Star General that God declared I am.
  8. I Challenge every CI Church to gather together their warrior Airforce Saints and clear the heavenlies over your area & establish a No-Fly Zone.
  9. The next major move of God is the Army of the Lord.  God is moving the Church from a “Cold War” with the powers of Darkness to a “Full Scale Active WAR”.   “The Book I am writing now is on the “Army of the Lord”.
  10. The Prophetic-Apostolic Movement crossed the Church over Jordan.  The 3rd Reformation engaged the Church in its first major battle at Jericho.  We have been marching around 7 times=years (2008-2015).  Now in 2016 it is time to SHOUT until the enemies walls fall down.
  11. The First Battle won by “God’s WW111”  &  “3rd Reformation” was  

with the greatest corporate weapon of the Church.  The Saints Unified Shout of Faith!!!!!!!!!

  1. Let Christ ARISE within you in the SHOUT and your enemies will be scattered and defeated. Continually use your greatest weapon of warfare for breakthrough and victory over your enemies who are determined to stand in your way and keep you from possessing your inheritance in Christ.  Nu.10:35; Eph.1:11.


  1. Jos. 6:20SHOUTING caused great walls of Jericho to fall down — Breakthrough to Victory
  2. I Thess. 4:16Jesus SHOUTS when He returns, SHOUT resurrects dead-translates living Saints
  3. Ps. 47:5 God has gone up with a SHOUT, it launched Jesus to right hand of the Father.
  4. I Chr. 15:28David and all Israel brought up the Ark to Jerusalem with SHOUTING
  5. Num. 10:35 When Moses with the Ark arose and started following the Cloud/fire then Moses and all Israel would SHOUT, “Let God Arise and Let His enemies be Scattered”!!!
  6. 2 Chr. 13:15Judah with 400,000 when surrounded by 800,000 rebellious 10 tribes, Judah SHOUTED and killed 500,000 Israelis.
  7. Is. 42:13 – The LORD shall go forth like a mighty warrior, He shall stir up His zeal like a Man of War, He shall SHOUT ALOUD and prevail against His enemies!
  8. Nu. 23:21 – When SHOUT of King JESUS is among us-We cannot be cursed, nor can God’s blessings be negated. (If no wickedness in us)
  9. The Church is in Spiritual Warfare, we fight an UNSEEN enemy. We sing, pray and worship an INVISIBLE God. But God is real and the evil forces are real that we overcome with prophetic acts. Especially with our corporate weapon of the…”SHOUT OF FAITH”!!!!.
  10. Duet. 32:301 puts 1,000 to flight, 2 puts 10,000, converting that to Watts of Divine Light Voltage Power – then 1 Saint can produce 1,000 watts of Spiritual Light Power. 2=10,000LPV, then three-100,000; 4=1 million, 7=1 billion-LVP; 100 or more SHOUTING – Unlimited Power!!!     Centillion   =    (10-303)   1 + 303 zeros.