Paul Lackie

Be Bold & Courageous

Paul Lackie shares a testimony about the importance of being bold and courageous. We hope that this testimony will also impart boldness to you in your own life.... Read More...

Paul Lackie


Paul Lackie has worked alongside his father – Prophet Bill Lackie – in ministry for over 17 years and has traveled all over the world raising up prophets. Paul has a strong anointing in marketplace ministry with a gift of creating wealth for the Kingdom. Paul and his wife Ashley travel nationally and internationally teaching, preaching, and prophesying the Word of the Lord as keynote speakers at conferences and training seminars all over the world.

Both Paul and Ashley serve as leaders on the prophetic team ministry at their local church – Vision Church @ Christian International – and their pastors are Apostles Tom and Jane Hamon. Both Ashley and Paul are ordained ministers under Frontline International Ministries (Prophets Bill & LaRue Lackie).