I am hearing in my spirit, that this year is not only about a turnaround year, but rather the Church doing an About Face in preparation for new battle plans that will outwit your enemies.  I began to do some research in relation to the military term, About Face, and other military terms in relation to warfare.  There are several terms I feel Father God wants us to give special attention to this year.  I believe that this will be unlike any other year for Supernatural Breakthroughs. This is not only about turning around but rather about conquering, taking back and re-possessing our land and rightful inheritances. 

The devil has stolen enough.  He has crossed over into territory and tried to invade areas that are off limits to him.  In 2 Kings chapters 18-19, the King of Assyria crossed boundaries against Judah and King Hezekiah and God did an About Face defeating the King of Assyria.  I hear the Father saying, “The devil has crossed over into territory that I did not allow and if you will do an About Face and pray and cry out to Me as Hezekiah did, I will hear you, I will do an About Face, I will destroy your imposer’s and will cause you to, in peace, prosper in your land once again.”


  1.  Attention

The position of “at attention” or standing “at attention” is a military posture which involves the following general postures:

  • Standing upright with an assertive and correct posture:  famously chin up, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in.
  • Arms fixed at the side, thumb or middle finger parallel to trouser or skirt seam, depending on military drill specifics.
  • Eyes front: head and eyes locked in a fixed forward posture. Ideally eyes unmoving and fixated on a distant object.  Blank facial expression.
  • Keeping the heels together with the toes apart

Explanation: The soldier does not speak or move in any way.  The soldier is totally unmovable with their face looking straight ahead; eyes straight ahead.  No speech, facial or bodily movements except when as required by a military drill.

2.  About Face

  • The “about-face” is a military drill command in which a unit or soldier makes a 180-degree turn.
  • A sharp change in attitude or opinion.
  • To turn or face the opposite direction

Explanation:  The soldier is at the position of attention and when the command, “about face,” is given to the solider, the soldier will execute the feet movements that result in a 180-degree turn around.  When the facing movement is completed, they will be at the position of “attention” but now will be looking in the opposite direction.

3.  Charge

A “charge” is a maneuver in battle in which combatants advance toward their enemy at their best speed in an attempt to engage in close combat.  The charge is the dominant shock attack and has been the key tactic and decisive moment of many battles throughout history.  Modern charges usually involve small groups against individual positions (such as a bunker) instead of large groups of combatants charging another group or a fortified line.

Explanation:  In ancient battle tactics, the command to “charge” was not implemented without much strategic planning and was a coordinated advancement of troops with the intent to overrun the enemy.  The perspective was that the charge would have a shock value used to annihilate the enemy.  The shock value of a charge attack was especially exploited in cavalry tactics, both of armored knights and lighter mounted troops of both earlier and later eras.  Note that in order for the charge to be effective, a strong formation with efficient training was required.  History reveals that a Calvary that lacked high morale, excellent training, quality equipment, individual prowess and collective discipline of both the warrior and the mount would suffer in a charge against the enemy.

4.  At Ease

The military term “at ease” means:

When a soldier has been at the position of “attention” and a superior says, “At ease,” then the soldier can be at a relaxed position with the feet apart and hands linked behind the back.  “At ease” means that you still want their attention, but they are in a much more comfortable position.

When a soldier is at the position of “attention,” their legs are together and the arms straight down.  It can be very stiff and uncomfortable if kept in the position for a while.  However, when the command is given, “At ease,” then the legs are apart (generally about shoulder width) and the hands are held at a cusp behind the body.  It is much more comfortable, but the soldier still stands in position and is attentive to whatever the superior is going to tell them.

Be ready to do an about facethis year.  God wants His Church to come to attention to hear His voice of command to turn you from your immediate position of attention to an attack position to be fully alert and ready to charge your opposition and to conquer your impossibility.  As with God, impossibilities become challenges.  Then you will be called to an at ease position to have rest from your battle.

There are things that God will turn around this year, and there are things that you will be required or informed by the Holy Spirit to turn around.  In 2 Kings 6 1-7, there are things that the prophet Elisha did for the prophet and then things that he had to do to get the ax out of the water.  We must cooperate with the Father this year and obediently do our part.

In Acts 5, the Apostles confronted Ananias and Sapphira about lying to the Holy Spirit and their dishonesty.  This will be a new season that will uncover hidden things.  Do an about face, turn 180 degrees this year and turn away from the things that the Father will not allow and turn to be repositioned for war.

So, I hear the Lord saying this year:


 (Inspection)           (Preparation)          (Advance)     (Rest from war)

2 Samuel Ch. 5:  David Was called to attention by God and was required to do an about face in preparation to charge the Philistines and then an at ease to reap the spoils of his enemies.  David had to position himself for change in his approach in battle, because this time God was going to do it in a different way.  His approach would now be by sound.  God said when the sound resonates in your ears as a reverberating sound, advance quickly.

2 Kings 3:7-26:  After going around the same mountain, to a point of disaster, Jehoshaphat did an about face.  He sought out a Prophet in the land and asked for a new battle plan so that he could overtake the enemy.  God called Jehoshaphat to attention and had him do an about face.  He instructed him on how to charge the enemy in a new way.  He then called him to be at ease as they collected the spoils.  

2 Kings 19-14-19:  God called Hezekiah to attention, and he went to the Altar of the Lord to cry out to God.  God had him do an about face to confront his enemy, the King of Assyria. God gave him a new charge for warfare, and then he had an at ease and prospered in the land.

Revelation 12:7-12:  God called attention in Heaven and commanded an about face to confront His enemy, Lucifer.  God released a new charge of warfare and cast Lucifer out of heaven along with of a third of the angels with him.  Then there was an at ease in Heaven once again.

The accounts go on throughout scripture. There is a time when God calls us to attention for inspection and requires an about face for new preparation to enable us for a new charge of release to go to war.  As you conquer, there will be an at Ease to reap your spoils.


I hear Father saying, “I am calling My Church, My Armies to attention.  I am going to give a pre-examination to My Armies in preparation for the battles and tasks that I will assign to you this year.  Gideon experienced a reduction.  He did not just abandon people but called a select number who knew how to stand at attention and ready to go to war.

There is a shout from the Heavens, “about face!” God is calling His armies to prepare for war and to face their enemies whether great or small.  It will require you to have a change of attitude.  It requires you to bring your behaviors into order and to shift your point of view, with full attention to the new orders and commands from God’s throne.  It requires you to fulfill His purposes on the Earth as it is in Heaven.

There will be a new charge released from the heart of the Father that will thrust you into your battles this year.  As you are willing to fight and war God’s way, you will experience a year of “at ease” for collecting the spoils.  God says, “I will honor My Word this year with suddenlies, turnarounds, New Kingdom release and new provisions.  These will keep you running with the vision that I have given you, as I have not changed my mind. So, tune your ears to My voice and My commands this year and I will bring you to attention to prepare you for an about face, so you can charge the antichrist spirit and every opposition that would try to rob your position in Me this year.  I will refresh you, recondition you and use you even more this year than ever before.  So, heed to the sound of My voice and allow it to resonate in your spirit this year and:

Come to …….. ATTENTION  (For Inspection)     

Do an ………. ABOUT FACE  (For Preparation)

Hear the …….CHARGE  (To Advance into Battle) 

Receive an … AT EASE  (Rest from your Battles)