August 15th, 2015

God spoke to me a word about America.
He said, ”What is going on with America is as it was with the Children Israel in the Judges 6, 7 & 8.”

– The Midianites –

These enemies took everything the Israelites had produced. After 7 years of oppression, the children of Israel “Cried out to God” In response, God sent a prophet to prophesy to the nation. God then raised up a Gideon 300, destroying the enemy that had been causing the economic recession in the nation of Israel.

– America & The Second 7 Year Cycle –

When America had its national shaking on 9/11/2001, Americans “Cried out to God”! After America cried out to God we had 7 years of prosperity. However, by 2008 America had backslidden and Christians were not praying like they once had. Now we have had 7 years of famine from 2008-2015. The second 7 year cycle is being completed this September of 2015.

There is going to be another catastrophe that will cause America to be God-conscious and once again Cry out to God. God’s prophets will arise to speak the Word of the Lord to the Church and to America. God is going to raise up Gideon 300-type saints within the Church and within the
7 mountains of culture.

We the Church must enter a new realm of spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer.

– A Call To 40 Days of Prayer –

Christian International is declaring 40 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING before the International Gathering Of Apostles & Prophets conference this coming October. I am challenging our headquarter church and all CI churches beginning September 10th to organize someone to be praying on each of the 40 days. This is in addition to our praying in tongues every day.

Prayers and Prophecies can only be fulfilled when we cooperate with God and become instruments of God in their fulfillment. Like Joshua and the children of Israel fulfilling God’s prophetic purpose for them to have Canaan as their possession and inheritance. Let’s receive our “Divine Reversal” and “Quantum Leap” that was prophetically promised for this year.