…to remain on task and not grow weary nor distracted.

The first thing I sense for 2019 is that there is great potential either for positive advance or for trouble, and that it depends on the preparation, prayers and actions of the Church as to which way things go.  When things go well economically, Christians tend to get comfortable and slack off on their prayer and warfare.  I believe the USA will experience a measure of blessing and economic growth, but it would be a grave mistake for Christians to diminish the intensity of our prayers and intercession for the nation. As President Trump’s economic policies have a positive effect, we will be tempted to slack off in prayer.  Just as Aaron and Hur lifted up the hands of Moses while Israel battled Amalec till there was complete victory, we need to double up on our prayers for President Trump and for the nation. 

The spirits of deception, confusion, lawlessness and antichrist have been blinding the minds of the multitudes, including many who profess Christ.  Carnality and love of the world are causing the faith of many to shipwreck. The spiritual awakening and the subsequent revival God wants to bring has not yet been birthed. 

The year 2019 ends with the number nine.  Just as the birthing process is after nine months of pregnancy, and is the time to push, I BELIEVE THIS IS THE TIME TO PUSH, PUSH IN PRAYER AND INTERCESSION FOR WHAT GOD WANTS TO BIRTH.  

The ninth month of pregnancy is when there is the most discomfort. The time of actual birthing is the time of most pain, but if a mother pushes through the fatigue and pain, the baby is born.  The enemy will do all he can to abort the process.  He doesn’t want a baby of awakening and revival, much less the reformation that can come afterward.   The prophecies heralded by Wigglesworth, William Seymour and Charles Parham indicate a huge revival 110 years after Azusa.  We are within the window of the time prophesied and are in the labor pains for that revival.

When Jesus was on the cross, there was darkness from the sixth through the ninth hour.  It was during the ninth hour that Jesus’ sufferings were most intense.  He was offered the bitter wine to drink, and then commended to God His Spirit.  The work of the cross was complete, gaining redemption for mankind. 

We need to be responsible and vigilant watchmen and not grow weary in well doing.  Keep uplifted the hands of our leaders and of the President during the bitter and difficult hours.  If we press in, PUSH, God can complete the work He wants to do.

According to the sources I checked, the meaning of the name Aaron is uncertain.  Some possibilities are “warrior lion” (Egyptian origin), “mountain of strength,” and “high mountain”.  What we do know for sure is that Aaron was the first high priest in Israel, of the tribe of Levi.  He represents leadership at the top of the mountain in the church. 

Hur was a leader and warrior.  His name comes from two words: (OT 2353) means “to bore” (as bore a hole or opening), and (OT2357) which means “white linen” and speaks of righteousness and holiness.  Hur was of the tribe of Judah (praise) and the youngest son of Caleb, the warrior of faith with the conquering spirit who spied the land with Joshua (1st Chron. 2:19).  One of his sons was Uri (meaning “fiery”) and his grandson, Bezelel, was filled with the Spirit of God and “anointed to work” and craft the pieces of furniture for the Tabernacle. 

I believe the Church is to rise up as Aaron and Hur, those called as Church leadership working together with those called to the marketplace and Public Square in the seven mountains.  Together, in righteousness (dressed in that white linen), we are to use warfare praise to bore open the Heavens, keep them open over our nation and let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah roar with His prophetic Voice.  We are to keep the hands of leadership supported and upraised so God can grant the victory over the Amalec and antichrist spirit of lawlessness and deception which has been operating so fiercely in our nation. 

Another possible meaning for Aaron is “enlightened” which speaks of Holy Spirit revelation and guidance.   About twelve years ago I prophesied in Mexico that the time was coming that hearing the Voice of God and being led by the Spirit would no longer be an option if they wanted to arrive home alive.  Soon after, a war broke out between cartels which caused unprecedented violence and upheaval.  My friends who live in those areas told me, “We are living what you prophesied.”  

I believe we are about to engage in crucial times in which divine prophetic direction will be essential to be in the right place at the right time, and to make right decisions that will bring safety, provision, and harvest. That means we will need to stay dressed in that white linen and “pray without ceasing” if we are to participate in the remnant that pushes through and sees God’s new move established. 

It was in the ninth hour that Peter and John had their encounter with the lame man at the Gate Beautiful (Acts 3).  They recognized a divine appointment even though it interrupted their plans and church meeting.  They healed the lame man and God brought a revival and influx of thousands of souls to the Kingdom.  If we will recognize the divine appointments, be led by the Spirit, and take the risks of faith, God will demonstrate (publicly) His power in such a way as to get the attention of the unsaved and bring in a harvest of souls. 

It was also in the ninth hour that God spoke to Cornelius, who became the first gentile believer (Acts 10).  God will begin revealing Himself and speaking to those unsaved who desire truth.  We must be open to minister to people in places where we are not accustomed to going, to people who might have made us uncomfortable in the past.  God had to twist Peter’s arm to convince him to go to a gentile’s house, but his obedience expanded the Kingdom. 

May God help us to PUSH and accomplish His purpose.